Positive signs for online music, users willing to pay

I just posted the article Positive signs for online music, users willing to pay.

According to a research from Nielsen/NetRatings
are there more users online who are willing to pay for music. Altough it might
be expected they would start using the legal music download…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/5934-Positive-signs-for-online-music-users-willing-to-pay.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/5934-Positive-signs-for-online-music-users-willing-to-pay.html)

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well it’s a good job they’re suing cd-wow, wouldn’t want all those cheap cd’s eating into the legal download figures, would we?

I use both CD-WOW and Kazaa lite. :d I like my music in unrestricted OGG & MP3 format and if I really like some songs from an Artist (downloaded via Kazaa lite), I usally get the CD, such as from the Irish CD-WOW online CD webshop. I don’t like the thought of purchasing single tracks which will only play on the one computer and get lost as a result of reinstalling the OS or getting a nasty virus. This is likely the main reason why most online pay-per-download music services are failing!

I will freely pay for music I have trouble getting elsewhere for free. Like Jpop and anime soundtracks etc. But I want it in a non-protected high quality format and for a third the price of the CD with the ability to download liners notes, CD covers and a CD label to print etc.

Hey, while you’re at it, you should get paid to even listen to it right? Again, as soon as someone shows me that anything they do is worth money, but you make it freely available, then I’ll understand why you people think its okay to download movies and music and software and think that its ‘okay’. It just doesn’t make sense… you want everything, for nothing and think it will be there in the future.

Well if mac users are willing to pay 3 times more for a computer in the first place. No wonder they have no problem paying $.99 for the music. So this is sort of a biased result. The rest of soceity may not follow the same path.