Positive NEC ND-2500A stories

It seems on the these forums all the posts about the ND-2500A are problems with the it. I am looking to buy this burner very soon and want to see some positive user reviews from people who have this drive. So please post a small review of your satisfaction or dissatisfaction with the drive for normal use.

this drive seems ok, but i’m having lots of problems with my ritek g04 disks :frowning:
Besides that, and low read\rip speeds i’m happy with it.

I plan on buying the Memorex DVD+RW 4x disks if I get the NEC ND-2500A.

No Problems with mine so far - burnt both on the fly from DVD-ROM, but mainly from S-ATA HD.

Came with the ‘original’ 1.06 firmware. Haven’t converted it to the riplock or region free. Use my JLMS (liteon) for reading and ripping.

Discs Used

Datasafe Ritek R03 +R 8x but burn at 4x only - needs firmware update.
Verbatim MMC -R 4x burn at 8x :slight_smile:
Verbatim DVD-RW 4x burn at 4x
Bulkpaq Ritek DVD-RW 2x burn at 2x

P4 2.4B @ 2.95GHz (164MHz FSB)
1GHz (4x256Mb) RAM (164/328MHz)
MSI 865PE Neo2 FISR Motherboard
Radeon 9600Pro 128Mb @ 437 / 335 (670)

WD 800JB 80Gb HD (8Mb Cache) -Primary Master
JLMS 166S DVD-ROM - Primary Slave
NEC 2500A DVD-Writer - Secondary Master
LiteOn 52x24x52 CD-ROM - Secondary Slave
WD 1200JD HD (8Mb cache) - on I5CHR SATA controller

LianLi case

I have had this burner less than a week and am very happy with it so far.
I have used the Memorex4x +RW with great success as well as ritek G04 and ricoh 4x+R (burn at 6x).
Also use CMC Af1 with zero problems.
Great drive!!!
My previous Pioneer AO5 was also problem free, i just wanted faster burns and dual format.
:smiley: :bigsmile: :slight_smile: :wink: :cool: :iagree:

The drive writes well on 4x Leda media (this is very cheap stuff). It seems to be even a better reader than the Toshiba SD-R1802 DVD-ROM for recordable DVD media - where the Toshiba drops off in speed near the end of the disc (while doing an 8x CAV read), the NEC keeps going at nearly 8x!
I haven’t had the chance to test it with any + media though.

I’m also satisfied with my nec 2500a. I found only 1 media it doesen’t like. All other tried (including verbatim MCC -R @8X :bow: ) works pretty much everywhere including a very picky sony standalone DVD player which refused many discs in the past (i’ve been told).
I was worried too browsing this forum as it seemed that many had problems with it. Immagine how many nec owners aren’t here just because it works out of the box.
I’m here posting to share my positive experiences so one might benefit from them.
Feel free to ask if you need more info.

I’m very satisfied with this drive. I bought the drive almost 2 months ago for 145 shipped. It came with the 1.05 firmware. I’ve flashed it to the 1.06 region free/unlocked rip speed firmware with no problems.

What I like:

I’ve burned over 70 DVDs with no coasters. I’ve burned DVD-R,+R,+RW CD-R, CD-RW disks. ALL worked in my SONY DVD player.
4X on 4X DVD-R Fuji cake made in Taiwan Prodisk
4X on 4X DVD+RW Memorex
6X on 4X DVD+R TDK cake made in Japan Ricoh
8X on 4X DVD-R Fuji 10 pack made in Japan TYG01
32X on 48X CD-R Memorex
16X on 24X CD-RW Memorex
10X on 10X CD-RW CompUSA
Burns both DVD+/- R/RW
super quite burning.
I dont have a Lite-On drive so I cant check the errors but from scans reported here, it’svery good burn.
fast rip speed.
burns CD-Rs faster than Samsung SM352B 52X combo drive (Samsung combo drive slows down midway. also hard to find media that’ll burn at full speed)

What I don’t like:

hard to find 8X compatible DVD disks.
Takes over 9 minutes to burn at 8X. It’s only about 1-1:30 minutes faster than 6X

Overall I love this drive even though I cant find any 8X compatible DVD medias for cheap.

I bought the nec 2500a a few days ago and I’m happy with this burner.

I did the following things:

  1. burned CD+RW media (Platinum, producent RICO) at 4 speed with Nero and verified all files - +/- 14 minutes: OK
  2. burned CD-R media (Maxell 4x speed certified - , producent Tyg01) at 4 speed with Nero and verified all files +/- 14 minutes: OK

Note, I think maxell should also burn fine at 8x speed, but I did not test yet.

Other info:

  • Installation of drive went smoothly. I’m using Windows XP
  • Drive was manufactured in Januari 2004 in Malesia


Two points

In any forum there are more likely to be people reporting faults/problems rather than giving eulogies about a product.

As a product becomes more popular there are always going to be more negative reports. e.g. Abit KT7A - fantastic board, very reliable and stable (still got mine somewhere and it still works) but I saw that get some horrible slagging off’s. Since then I have had both an Epox 8KHA+ and an Asus P4P800-Deluxe which died after much lesser usage. (both quality boards).

The trick is to spot patterns to product faults but even then it often difficult to find the real cause. e.g. issues with the SBLive and Via MVP3 chipset. The issue was blamed on Via but it was the broken ACPI header which was the cause (fixed in Live 5.1).

With so much cheap dodgy media and pirated media around I think they are the sources of most problems with DVD-writers.

Originally posted by blinky

With so much cheap dodgy media and pirated media around I think they are the sources of most problems with DVD-writers. [/B]

I could not agree more. However, it never ceases to amaze me the number of decent burners that get “flamed” because of “bad burned disks” on cheap/crappy media. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Crap In = Crap Out. Interpretation = if you are only willing to buy the cheap $0.69, no name/cheap quality media; then don’t complain when your burner doesn’t deliver. This does not mean that you should spend $5-$6 per disk, but look around and purchase quality media that actually complies with established standards. I exclusively use Taiyo Yuden for my DVD burns. I have yet to burn a coaster, using 4 different burners.

I have had the NEC 2500A for about 1 month now, and I absolutely love it!! It is a tad bit slower than others at 8x burns; HOWEVER, the quality of the burns (as tested by KProbe) are always outstanding, and that more than makes up for the additional 1min of burn time (as compared to other 8x burners).

I concur with most other positive statements people have made. Here’s my experience:

  1. I’ve only used name brand media (Fuji DVD-R by Taiyo Yuden, rated at 4x, burned at 8x; HP DVD+R and DVD+RW rated and burned at 4x) and have experienced no problems. I haven’t done at real benchmarking or error testing, but the DVDs have all played fine in my relatively new Toshiba standalone player and a slightly older Sony player.

  2. I’ve been amazed that programs that don’t claim compatibility with this model have worked fine for me (Sonic MyDVD 4.5, Backup MyPC 4.8) Nero 6 has worked fine using NeroVision 2.x.

  3. The drive is amazingly quiet. No vibration or motor noise that I can perceive.

  4. CD-R burns and ripping have been fine, too, although iTunes for Windows didn’t seem to like it (but it’s picky with my Lite-On CD burner, too.)

  5. I haven’t tested DVD ripping yet and haven’t messed with firmware. It’s version 1.06, but not sure if it’s the “old” or “new” update of that. It was built in Jan. 04.

I got mine for about $115 shipped in US from newegg. An incredible value.


It’s great with Taiyo Yudens (silvertop spindles and FujiFilm) and Sonic Recordnow DX. Seems to burn CD-Rs fine, I’ve only tested a few TDK and Fujifilms though. I use a LiteOn DVD-Rom for ripping and reading, so I haven’t really tested that aspect of the NEC (and haven’t bothered to flash it).

I have burned Riteks that don’t show any errors and play fine, but the CD-speed scans are inconsistent and generally a lot worse than the TYs. I’ve stopped using the Ritek’s for now, because I’d rather not run a lot of tests on every disc I burn to make sure it’s ok. The TYs are consistently great.