Posibillity to turn SOHW-1213s to SOHW-1633s?



Is it posible or not???(as 451s to 851s etc…)


yes its possible, your milage may very.

using omipatcher and crossflash you can load 1633 fw on 1213

What will this do for you well, as this drive does not burn well as 1213, chances are it will not work well as 1633 either but hey you never know.


Burn coasters more quickly!


1633S BS0C does seem to work better than TS0C and +R burns are P-CAV. :slight_smile:

You will need to use the BS0C firmware on my site with the OmniPatcher.



The only odd thing I have notice with BS0C and also with memorex fw was that RicohR02 +R 8x burns stayed in leadin a long time then when it did start the burn it was only 6x but it was cav not Z-cav. I also noticed it did this with cmc AE1 -R 8x burn and it would go long time in leadin then only burn at 6x, this time as z-cav


Thanks gyes!!!
I do patching 1213s to 1633s successifuly but when i run LtnRPC and choose Disable otion i gat infromation “RPC works maybe work, possibly CDB error” or somethin like that message!!!
How do i recognise CDB Errors if it exists and what is the way to fix them???

Truly im scared with this message HELP ME PLAESE!!!


This is normal and means that your drive is rpc1.


I try to save something in CD mode(RW or R) and any of my attempts failed with error message from NERO 6.3.17.


The two drives are identical other than the firmware, much like the 812/832. The problem is none of the firmwares (1213 or 1633) are very good. The best is probably BSOC. It still has issues with some write strategies though. The 1213 firmwares in my opinion are junk. I am selling my 1213 and am getting another 812, since I like those drives so much better for scanning and burning…escpecially with Codekings new firmware :wink: .


I also stopped using 1213/1633 even for KProbing since I have two 812@832, now even better with CG2B. :slight_smile:

Anyway, a 832S drive is so cheap by now. It could be just considered as an inexpensive consumer-friendly dedicated testing tool.


I may have mis-spoke. I think the 1633 lets you write DVD-R at 16x where the 1213@1633 only does 8x but am not sure since I do not have or want a true 1633. :stuck_out_tongue:


the 1633 lets you write 16x DVD+R, but is only 8x still on DVD-R, so if you don’t use + media then its totally pointless


Thats means physically they are pretty identical then.


A 1213 is cheaper in Belgium then a 832. What would you do, I wanna use it for good burns and kprobe scans and as a reader for my nec3500.


the nec is the better writer, use it for good burns. for scanning i prefer the 832s. the 1213/1633 isn’t a good reader.


It’s a bad time to ask because the 1213S is not performing as well as it should at the moment. I would have to say the 832S but hopefully in the near future the answer will change to the 1213S, but who knows. Sorry to make you choice so hard.


I bought a 3500 because I knew that within a few weeks there would be patched f/w and bitsetting, I need a kprobe scanner and a good reader and if possible, good 8X burns on ricoh r00 and ritek r01 (4X perhaps) would be nice. And because the 1213s is cheaper then the 832 here…


I thought the 1633S firmwares had good reading capabilites?


The drive has excellent capabilities for reading and writing. We’re just waiting for them to be unleased.

It’s BLER scan results are still odd when compared to the the 832S but I wouldn’t say it was a bad reader, at all. Ripped a DVD movie, with Nero CD-DVD Speed, at 12x the other day and it only had a very slight dip in speed at the layer change. :slight_smile:


Is it really worth the trouble, to turn 1213s to 1633s??
:confused: what are the major gain?, if any ( but speed)