This isn’t your typical problem(not for me) poped it in, used anydvd to decrypt, and boy was i surprised when i found out this DVD was not encrypted in any way shape or form. after chuckling thinking this would be easy, i used DVD Shrink to Shrink it and supposedly turn it in to the iso, during the encode phase(which again confirmed the DVD was not encrypted).

Here is the actual problem(don’t i just rock at suspense?)

Instead of creating the Poseidon_Disk_1.iso, it created a folder titled the same thing, with a bunch of weird little files in it.

a bunch of
.vob files

Question: How do I turn this in to a ISO or how do i burn this to a disk, Any Help GREATLY appricated.

Try with ImgTool Burn.

If you’ve got Nero then just select the new button and pick DVD Video.
Put all those files inside the VIDEO_TS folder in the left window and burn it.

There is no Video_TS directory, just a Audio TS.

any other ideas?

All those files (except the AUDIO_TS directory) go into the VIDEO_TS folder.
I would be surprised if there was anything in the AUDIO_TS folder, but if there is, that goes next to the VIDEO_TS folder.

so I just create a Video_TS and dump all those files in there?

edit: and there is nothing in the audio ts folder

Yup, that should be it.

edit: and there is nothing in the audio ts folder

There is no anything, usualy.

Thanks! It burned wonderfully. :wink: