Portmac.com hacked



Hey guys…
er… it seems that Portmac’s site has been hacked by some turkey hacker groupe! :a I have emailed Portmac about this but i thort others sud know!

:a :frowning: :a


Looks like it don’t it:a :a


Yep it was hacked…and not only did they deface it but they trashed it completely.

So now it is unlikely that my site will ever return.


WTF!!! So they deleted all the BWAs etc???
Guess so as the link “You dont need all that” in your sug is not dead…

arnt they still somewhere on your server? :frowning:



Its a real shame… any ideas why it was targeted and how it was done?



I dunno, its not a “high profile” website.

It will be sad to see portmac.com go, as it was one of the first BWA file sites. :sad:


Yeah, and the index of games with what protection they used :sad:



wonder if portmac will say any more on this…


I reconixe the names of the hackers. I’m gonna ask a few friends of mine, find out what happened.


I have never hard of them…

after googling for them:

oh… probably not relevant, but CDFreaks.it got hacked also

I hate hackers that wreck a website,

Leaving a note on the mainpage is ok, aslong as all the files are left alone (and the original index.htm is renamed to something like index.htm_).

Then the webmaster can set it back simply, and fix the security, but deleting all the files (especially when its a site that doesnt make any money and alot of ahrd work has gone into) is just lame.

Ben :slight_smile:


What complete losers with no time on their hands would do that…if I was to face them i’d say “get a life”.


whats with the new site portmac?


I have decided to redo the site but its gonna take some time to get it all back up.


Cool, very pleased you havnt given up :bigsmile: :bow:
do you have any of it saved?


Most of the site is back up now, there is only the BWA files left to put back and maybe change the evil color.


Cool, where did you get all the stuff back from?

only small problems:

  1. The colour :Z
  2. All the stuff has “New” next to it

Otherwise the re-building of the site is great :slight_smile:


Oh dear. I used this site quite a few times. Its a shame, as these guys probably are among us now.


You can see the pre-hacking version of the site on google cache:

Also an Archive Version from the wayback machine.


The wayback bwa files work, so I guess portmac has put the BWA files back, for example:

Ben :slight_smile:


sad to hear about your site being hacked, but glad to hear you haven’t given up :slight_smile: