Portable music - Napster To Go with Janus technology

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 Napster  has revealed a new service that began on Thursday. For 15 dollars a month, you  can download an unlimited amount of music and transfer it to your portable  player. The idea being...
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This is a tad bit old news… outside of the fact it’s launched we’ve known for quite sometime that Napster would be using Janus and the cost of the program. I’m an iPod owner that’s already switched to Creative. I didn’t do it for Napster though, as my Zen Xtra isn’t supported with their newer line of service anyhow. I did it simply to have the features I wanted, longer battery life and a player that could actually last more than 6 months without having to be repaired. Apple may be the in thing right now, and iTunes might be great… but the iPod is a real dud in my opinion.

I guess what got me was the statement that iPod owners were “kind of upset” because they couldn’t use this scheme. I don’t believe it. I just wondered what an iPod owner would say as I don’t have one. But the thought of all my music going belly up if I don’t pay the man is not palatable to me at all.

I actually have an iPod and when I read the article I chuckled. The idea of rented music is just rediculous to me.

As a former iPod owner… I’d say the irritation isn’t that an iPod user doesn’t want to use the service… but that an iPod user can’t. It’s not a matter of choice, and iPod owners seem to scoff at anything because in the end they don’t get to make the choice. Apple decides what they can and cannot do for them, and in lack of any power over their expensive purchase they tend to act as though they wouldn’t change a thing. It makes it seem as though they aren’t powerless… which they are. I’m a happy Creative owner who would never use this Napster service. But I can if I want. I can also buy a song for a dollar. At Real I can buy some songs for half a buck… and at better quality than iTunes to boot. I have choice. With the iPod… I had iTunes. And that’s not even mentioning how much better the mp3 player hardware is.