Portable MP3 player sales to grow 50% per year in U.S

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Although not as hot as DVD players, Jupiter research says the digital downloading frenzy is helping to fuel rapid growth of portable MP3 players. They indicate that the trend shall…

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And not a single player has any form of gapless crossfading ability for those DJ mix CD rips or live albums where one track mixes into the next like Pink Floyd’s albums do. You can of course make one big MP3 file but then you can’t track skip and the player won’t tell you the track name correctly. CUE file support is needed of some gapless crossfade facility to make up for MP3’s problem of putting redundant data in the header and footer causing an audible gap between tracks. The first player that introduces this feature I will buy!
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first all solid-state portable player/recorder than is available with greater than 10GB of space that can play uncompressed 44.1KHz WAVs and that has excellent battery life I will buy. Looks like I won’t be buying for a while…