Portable mp3 cd player

i didnt know where to post this…

theres so many cd players out there but i dont know which 1 to get :confused: :confused: . Im looking to spend around 170cdn with tax for a portable mp3 cd player that i can use a car kit with.
so if u know any good players out there that u think is gr8 please let me know :slight_smile:

what features do you want ?
MP3 ?
CDR/W playback ?
8cm or 12cm cds ?

for a standard portable cd player, you cant go wrong with a sony,

CD-R/CD-RW playback
and standard cd size i guess 12cm

here cnet gives their opinion of the top 5 mp3 cd players:


i personally have the sonicblue riovolt sp100. its almost identical to the sonicblue riovolt sp250, but doesnt have as many features…or an fm radio and the shock protection isnt as great. however, for my car…mine works great.

these mp3 cd players…the riovolts as far as i know…will play regular cds…mp3 cds, windows media format and even a mix. i havent had a problem with mine yet!

hope this helps and good luck!

Have been insanely happy with my RioVolt. Even plays my lame encoded VBR mp3. Firmware upgradable, plays CD-R and CDRW, WMA, etc.