Portable MP3 CD Player for Car?

Hi everyone, this is my first thread, so I’m not even sure if this is the best forum for it. I’m wondering if anyone knows of a portable CD player that can play CDRs with MP3 music on them that I have burned on my computer’s CDR drive? And I would like to play it in my car through the car’s AM/FM receiver. I don’t know if anything like this even exists, I haven’t been to find it yet. Anyone got any suggestions?

yeah they make diskmans that play mp3 their r a good bit of them check like circuit citys and best buys or on the net it should be easy to find or just get a new radio for ur car cd player. most of them now adays will play mp3s just look on the box for the mp3 logo and if it says plays cd-r cd-rw,and ur good to go.

Thanks, sounds good. My neighbor works at Circuit City and the dolt told me he didn’t think anything like that was available.:frowning:

Panasonic model SL-SX431C comes with a cigar lighter adaptor, and a thing that goes into the cassette slot to play thru the car system, hope this helps. <$ 70.00