Portable HD?



Hello, I have a sony bdp-s380 BR/DVD Player that I have been using to play mp3 files from a flash drive which is extremely SLOW. I want to use a portable HD to store and play music from. The player has a usb input but I don’t know if the player will recognize the HD. My sony a/v receiver won’t. Sony is not responding. I don’t want to buy one and it not work. Any help and advice will be greatly appreciated. The point is I want to put my music collection on the HD. Thanks!


Section 25 on this manual :

• Some USB devices may not work with this
• [B] The player can recognize Mass Storage Class
(MSC) devices (such as flash memory or an
HDD),[/B] Still Image Capture Device (SICD) class
devices and 101 keyboard (front USB jack only).
• To avoid data corruption or damage to the USB
memory or devices, turn the player off when
connecting or removing the USB memory or


My only concern would be the power requirement of a drive powered by the USB connection.

EDIT: but at the very least, they have a list of players which work with some of their self-powered USB hard drives; the S380 is on that list, so there’s a good chance you can get a portable drive, format it to FAT32 or NTFS on your computer (if you try NTFS, do a test to make sure it works!), and play on.


Thanks for the reply Albert. I finally got an answer from Sony. They say no. Talked on the phone with a Sony rep and they say yes. Was at ebay looking at sony HD’s and some say they work with sony players. I do not understand about the power requirements as it will be plugged in. What I want to do is put my music collection on a hard drive. any suggestions? Thanks


Section 25? Can’t find it. What I want to do is play my audio files. Any suggestions? Thanks


When I hear “portable”, I tend to think of drives that are bus powered (in this case, powered by the USB port). But an external drive that plugs into the wall and isn’t overly capacious (2 TB or less) has a decent chance of working.

Oh, Section 25 = Page 25. :wink: