Portable hard drives



My daughter has a Seagate Free Agent Go portable hard drive. Her 3 yr old knocked it off the table while it was plugged in. It banged against side of comp tower, but stayed connected. Now it tries VERY briefly to initialize and then just sits and makes a faint beeping sound. Can anything be done? I’m just interested in saving all the pics of my granddaughter that were on it. Don’t care about saving the drive itself! HELP, I’M DESPERATE!!!


Put it in the freezer overnight and try it again. You may get a short period of time in which it spins up…if so, try to copy your pictures quickly. It will probably stop again, so try it in small batches. If it stops, then you can try it again and copy the next batch.

If that doesn´t work, you could try taking the HDD out of the case and putting it into a new case.

If that doesn´t work…ask a computer repair specialist if they have any solutions. Be aware that it is entirely possible to recover all the images but the technology required means it will be astronomically expensive if the suggestions I have given you don´t work.

Other members may have more suggestions…be patient.

Welcome to MyCE, and good luck. Let us know what happens.


Thank you! I’ll try anything at this point. When I take it out of freezer, will condensation be an issue inside the drive?


Normally you put the drive in a freezer bag before placing in the freezer itself. The interior of the drive is sealed so I doubt you’ll have problems with condensation there.

This whole process is very much an emergency procedure, and you do what you can here. Good luck.