Portable freeware



Thought it would be nice to have a list of portable freeware, that you are able to put on your flash drive, and run straight off it. So feel free to add.

Portable Firefox
Portable VLC
Portable Thunderbird
Portable NVU
Portable Gaim
Portable Filezilla
Portable Abiword
Portable Open Office
Portable Sunbird
Portable Gimp

Portable Skype
Portable Msn
Portable chess game (pawn)


whoa thats awesome. I cant access rapidshare for some reason, could you upload it www.yousendit.com and post the URL here please?


Portable Freeware Collection
Over 500 portable type programs - All Free
Most are zip installs, which can be loaded / run from flash drives.
Some install from an .exe file with minimal registry writes. Includes instructions how to install to default folder / copy most files to a folder of your choice and then deleting original folder … these type may or may not run on a flash

Another all portable application … provided by Wikipedia


all of the programs from www.sysinternals.com for monitoring whats going on with windows.


couldnt do usendit, did megaupload instead http://www.megaupload.com/?d=76B5S55O


oooooh… portable spybot search & destroy