Portable disk usage advic/se required


I needed some advice on whether I can continue or stop what I’m already doing.

I own a
Seagate FreeAgent Desk 1.5 TB USB 2.0 Port External Hard Drive

Dell XPS laptop

Around two weeks ago, I accidentally deleted a huge folder, close to 130 GB, consisting mainly of entire movie DVDrips that I own & have not compressed (just a dvddecrpter hard disk dump) & including many other music videos that I have downloaded over the years. I’m not sure how I deleted the entire folder, but I was blisfully unaware of it until a few hours ago when I wanted to watch one of the videos. Anyways, I am using “undelete plus” to recover mostly everything.

But, there’s one problem. The recovery is very very slow, appromixating close to 3.5 GB an hour. The only place I can recover it to - is back on to another folder on the portable drive since I’m starved of space on my laptop. That means that the ~135 GB should take me close to 38 hours to recover. I have already kept the process on for 2.5 hours. I know my laptop hard disk is virtually spinning all the time & I think my portable drive is the same thing in an enclosure…BUT I’m used to connecting the portable drive for a few minutes at best. So, is 36 hours an overkill or should it be fine? [Frankly I want to go ahead & be done with it…but I just want to take some advice, since this forum has always been helpful…had help before, after searching thro archives for other problems]

Also, is there another free (or paid) recovery program which does the same job as fast as a hard disk to hard disk copy & like “undeleteplus”-, maintains the original folder structure during recovery?..& is simple to use.

Thanks in advance

Should give no problems unless components start to really heat up. Just get the restoration done with the ac power connected.

Thanks for replying. The drive runs only with the power supply connected & my laptop battery is messed up, so both laptop and drive are plugged in. The transfer rate has been abysmal. Only 20 GB has been reverted back in 8 hours & that’s approximately 16%…which means that everthing should transfer in appromixately 48 hours - assuming: the transfer rate does not fall any further.

Any reason why it’s so slow (considering that’s it’s already on the drive) & not as fast as a normal hard disk-hard disk transfer &

something I asked in my first post, is there another efficient software, paid or free which will restore everything quickly & maintain the same folder structure as before? thanks again