Portable device for 16 year old promising writer



Hi all - My 16 year old son is a promising writer and needs something he can carry with him at all times to either continue the book he is writing or to jot down the words he says are swirling thru his head. I am looking for something he can carry in his pocket or backpack that is lightweight, very durable and definitely inexpensive but of good quality. It does need to have the capability to download to his computer. Does anyone have any ideas?


The Eee Pc comes to mind. If none of their models meets your needs just google “netbook”.


I usually find the ideas come at strange moments…whilst driving or in the shower for example. And not at the times I can easily get to an electronic device.
A good writer will have his or her own methods…so this shouldn´t be a problem…but pen and paper still can´t be beaten in my opinion.
However, very useful for those sudden flashes of brilliance is the dictaphone function on my mobile phone.

If you just wanna spend some money for a cool Christmas pressie, go ahead and buy him a groovy netbook…I´m sure he´ll love it anyway :smiley:


Thanks guys for helping. Great ideas!