Portable CDRW drive for DAE

I’m looking for a portable CDRW drive that can extract the audio from CDs perfectly. I looked into this a while ago, and I remember that meant it needed some obscure features like the ability the write the lead-in or lead-out section of a track depending on which way (+/-) its offset goes. Can anyone recommend such a drive?

It’s usually a tad cheaper to buy an IDE Liteon and an external case to put it in.

rdgrimes - Thanks, but I’m trying to go the thin-and-light way and need something as thin and light as possible.


These are reviewed in a number of places, and AFAIK they will meet your needs. But check the reviews.

That Lite-On sounds awesome from the review at cdr-info. Is there a portable drive that’s famous for its compactness and light weight?