Portable audio players to change your mood

Full article here (BBC).

Some quotes:

If you thought you liked the iPod because of its looks, think again. It could, according to one academic, be a way of regaining your personal space.

“There’s the visual domination of explaining urban experience,” he says, “but if you look at it through sound you get different explanations.”

Through interviews with Walkman owners and now iPod buyers, he found that listening to music acts as a shield, aura or cocoon.
Using headphones helps to keep the world at bay and reclaim some space.

Digital players in general and the iPod in particular are having a dramatic effect on the way people behave, he says. He has interviews lined up with hundreds more users to see what further lessons can be learnt and what possible impact the technology might have on people’s lives as it develops further.

What about this? Do you think this guy is right in the one way or the other? Do you do or experience this yourself?

I want to say Bullshit. But someone somewhere will be affected by it.


I agree with the statement I was one of those people never had my walkman off carried spare batteries and headphones and if Ipods had of been around in my day (God I sound old), I’d have never socialised at all, but I do think people go through trends like it was the walkman, then the mobile, then the PDA and Ipods and next year it will be something else, but hey thats life and inventions.

I only listen to music queitly in the backgroud, usually just in the car or when I’m drinking. I’m not a big music fan so you can guess what option I picked :stuck_out_tongue: