Portable 9 in 1



I bought this unit last year off Ebay and paid around £150 for it then, it has since dropped in price http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=250066664398&ssPageName=MERCOSI_VI_ROSI_PR4_PCN_BIX&refitem=120074026785&itemcount=4&refwidgetloc=closed_view_item&refwidgettype=osi_widget
It has had no more than around 10 hours play time in total so far.
The problem that I am having with it is that I am unable to play avi or dvd files successfully with it either from usb stick or from Dvd disk. They play so far then just break up unless I burn the disk using my old Liteon sohw-832s, even my new Liteon lh-20a1p wont do the job correctly but these disks will still play on my other stand alone divx player. The unit appears unbranded and I have written to the guy who is selling these on Ebay asking about possible firmware upgrades but he just throws me a deaf one.
Does anyone know why this unit only accepts disks burned using my Liteon sohw-832s and do you think that a firmware update may be possible and if so any ideas where to look. I have wasted many disks on this unit and its getting me down a bit now.


What type of DVD+/-R +/-RW does or does not play? What Brand ID? You might want to try DVD-Rs or DVD+Rs (booktyped as DVD-Rom).

Buying electronics on eBay is always a risk. I once got a CD burner for a Mac by eBay it never worked and even had a disc stuck in the drive, got no responce from the seller and had to BIN it :a


These are the types as advertized:
Playable Formats: DVD-R, CD-R, MP3, DVD+RW, DVD-RW, MPEG-4, JPEG, CD-RW, VCD, S-VCD, DVD+R

I am currently using Manufacturer ID: RITEKG05 4x, 6x and 8x I have no problems with these if I burn with the Liteon sohw-832s. These disks are also ok when burned with the Liteon lh-20a1p but only on my sunvision divx player which is a mystery. I have conducted a few tests. I have burned to CD-r a few xvid files. The unit sees them as SVCD and obviously wont play them. If I convert the xvid files to divx 4.12 then they are recongnised on CD. Likewise the usb stick will also play the divx 4.12 but this is very time consuming and they also suffer a loss in quality. This leads me to believe that the firmware needs updating but having said that, the xvid files play fine if burned with the sohw-832s.


I could be firmware but if you Google and can’t get it a mute point. Try another brand of DVD-R like Verbatum.


I cant find it using search because its unbranded. Label says Portable Media Player ?? and the seller is not helping none by not replying.
I will try another brand of disk. Thanks.


Live and learn - I would never buy something unless I could find the website and download the manual first.


With more extensive searching I managed to track down this unit here http://asiaelect.en.ec21.com/GC00764201/CA00789106/8.4_Sharp_TFT_Tablet_Portable_DVD,_Car_DVD_Player_with…html I wrote to the sales manager and he has kindly posted me a file entitled L_PD1088_update_software.bin its is around 500k in size which seems a bit small to me but thing is I dont have a clue how to transfer it to unit. I tried burning it to a cd and put it in unit but it was not recognised.
Also further testing with the RITEKG05 dvd-r disks. I tried burning some avi files on my laptop which has a Matshita 2X writer on board. These also palyed well on the unit without any break ups. So my Mathita and sohw-832s gave good results with these disks, my other 2 liteon units did not. However I then went on to try using a Datawrite Titanium 8x -r disk burned with my new Liteon lh-20a1p and the result was good. Wierd. The usb pen drive still breaks up though. Any ideas on how to install this new soft anyone?


In most cases you burn the bin file to a blank CD put it in the player and it will give you onscreen instructions. Other wise go back and contact the sales manager for more instructions. Sorry I’m not much help and hard for me to search as I still don’t know the full model name and number.


Ok m8 many thanks. The model numbner is L-PD1088 as in the above link. I have written to the sales manager once more and am awaiting his reply.
My local comp store no longer stock the Datawrite Tit disks only Gigatek? Are you familiar with these at all, any good?


I would pass on Datawrite or Gigatek and stick with Verbatum (buy on line). I nearly never buy media from local stores.