Port Forwarding with mIRC

I have a Linksys WRT54G Router and I’ve forwarded my ports on my router (on the “Applications and Gaming” screen) and successfully saved the settings. However, this seemed to not have worked in order to connect to fserves.

You know when you get this following message in mIRC:

“i’m using an alternative serving method. please type /dccserver +sc on 59 to connect”

I did that and forwarded my ports, but it does not allow me to connect to their fserv. How do I know if I’ve correctly and successfully forwarded my ports? Also, could this lead to slow downloads for torrents?

first of all, are you using a firewall thats actually installed on your pc?

The 793

I did not install any firewall software on my PC. Doesn’t the router act as a firewall though?

Yes your router acts like a firewall.

Check this site out.


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