Port 6881

I see there have been discussions re port 6881 downloading using Azureus. I just would like to know one simply, stupid thing: How do I open port 6881? I am using Agnitum Outpost Firewall, an excellent software in my experience, but now I’m on a router and I’m getting this message to open up this port.

Can someone tell me how to open up the port (probably something really obvious I’ve missed) and if that should solve the problem with downloading. I’ve downloaded with Azureus before so I’m not new to it - it’s the router deal. It’s a Liknsys, by the way.

MIke. :eek:

Your router should have it’s own ip address simply using Firefox or any other browser and type that ip in then that should put you in the routers menu and setup. You can also try this link too; http://www.portforward.com/routers.htm

Check out your router manufacturer’s website. There should be a forum with FAQ where you are sure to find out exactly how to forward ports for your particular modem. One thing to bear in mind, set a different port value than 6881 in Azureus and forward that port with your modem. Reason being that many internet service providers implement speed restrictions on port 6881 because they know that’s the default BitTorrent port for listening on.