Porpbelm with USB host

Ok last week when my computer was running fine I had no problem using my dvd decryptor. But a few days ago my mother board kicked the bucket and i just got it replace. Now since i got my computer fixed the read rate on dvd decryptor stops at a .7 read rate. it used to read at like a 9.4 sometimes. Also when i turn on my external dvd burner i get a note saying i am needing a hi speed USB port. How come i didnt need one before and now i do??? This is rediculous. and also when i clicked on the message about the high speed port it says to me "The USB mass storage device is a highspeed USB device and will function at a reduced speed when plugged into a non hi speed port.

I am confused here so much




Sounds like either the drivers are not properly installed, or they replaced the motherboard with one of lower specification.

If there are two pairs of USB sockets on the backplate, one pair tends to be high speed, the other not - try using the other pair of sockets for the highspeed device.