Porche Design Usb enclosures, any info?

Ok Im sure we have all scene the Lacie drives at Compusa or wherever you may shop(and get ripped off)

I love Porche design, they never manufacture their own products, they just design the package, or even just slap their name on it, If you remeber the VPR Matrix computers at Best Buy, they were designed by Porche design, another note of the company is they used to be owned by Porche Auto, but they broke away and became independent on good terms. Check out their website or search them on ebay.

Anyways I went and bought the 8x edition for “testing” purposes, I wanted to see this covetted case to touch it, to feel it :smiley:

one funny funny thing, is I simply dont see a button to open the case, you can open it with the open button in nero, but u got to push to close it :confused:
is there a way in windows to open and close a drive?

and so here is my main question, Has anyone seen Porche Case enclosures available so thatyou may put in your drives? this unit has a NEC 2500 and I am pretty sure that LACIE always uses either NEC or Pioneer.

LACIE is also first with biggest hardrives, well at least external, they got a 500 gig and a 1 terrabyte frive

and speaking of usb enclosures, can anyone suggest or recomend one that is cheap but also duable and reliable, for both CD and HD. Currently external hardrives run about 1$ a gig, internal should be maximum 50 cents per gig. My goal would be to have a drive at no more than 65 cents per gig.

has there been any threads on usb enclosures? if so please hook me up with a link, if not we should start one. Its seems that the idea is getting bgigger and bigger

thanks :cool:

my lacie has lite-on

Does Lacie also sell 1TB HDD in the US market?