downloaded a film yesterday

it asked me to download another program to obtain the password for the rar folder , i stupidly did

it didnt work and now ive got pop ups

ive tried all the usual programs , disabled SR , deleted all SR’S

ran them all in sfae mode and back they come

any ideas please ,


Tried this:
Hitman Pro

Worked for me!


either beat your screen w/ a hammer or d’load spybot search and destroy…it’s good about getting those nasty malware pops and such


Sounds like you might have to reload windows from scratch.

If you have a copy of windows on cd rom then nuke the memory and reformat the drive then reload windows.

If you have an imaging copy of your original operating system on a partition in that computer than restart it that way.

My experience is that the only way to nuke those bad boys is to start it from scratch it sucks but it give you a fresh clean start.


I think that we can call this “The Last Resort”

A couple others that should clean up your system.

AD-Aware - www.lavasoft.com
Microsoft Defender - www.microsoft.com Search for Defender.
SpyBot - www.safer-networking.org