**PopUp Test**Pretty Cool!



Check it out: http://www.popuptest.com/

I use Firefox, and only 2 got through.

There is also a “Good PopUp” test, and all of the good ones worked on my system.

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DJ Mind


Actually none, cos I ussually turn off java and activex while browsing…




Nothing got throgh on mine.

Just using standard settings on Windows XP SP2 and FireFox.


Tested on my Windows 2000 rack with Internet Explorer and no pop-up blocker.

No pop-ups got through on the stardard tests.
On the “Good Pop-ups” test only the non-java based #2 and #3 pop-ups were seen.

Like Monty Burns, I’m running a locked down IE6 with Active Scripting and ActiveX disabled.


IE :Z Sucks!! On Mozilla I got none. But IE sucks. :Z


Using Google Toolbar with IE on the standard tests at the top it passed 'em all. Only failed a couple so I think I’m doing pretty good. :wink: Can’t beat a free pop-up blocker and easy access to my favorite search engine as well, LOL.


Go with Mozilla and you don’t have to download anything to stop the popups.
Did I tell you IE SUCKS!!! :rolleyes: :bigsmile:


Actually Firefox misses two pop-ups. The Drop Down popup and the Sticky Popup still get through. But it’s still way better than IE


Second test, this time with Mozilla Firefox v1.0.2.

Firefox did almost as well as my locked down IE6.
Unfortunately, it failed the Drop down Popup test.
All “Good Pop-ups” test were successfull.

Third test, with Opera v7.60.

Opera did not do as well as the locked down IE either.
Opera failed the Mouseover Popup, Drop down Popup and Floating banner tests.
All “Good Pop-ups” test were successfull.

IE6 passed all tests and would only allow 2 out of 4 “Good Popups”.


xp sp1 and firefox.


Here is an old test that most browsers still fail despite efforts to fix them with patches.
This vulnerability affects multiple browsers with the exception of IE.

This is a security issue in multiple browsers, which can be exploited by a malicious web site to spoof the URL displayed in the address bar, SSL certificate, and status bar.

Multiple Browsers IDN Spoofing Test


Hm, I don’t know what to make of it. When I tried it I got a new browser window with paypal.com as the address but got “This Page Cannot be Displayed”. Does that mean I passed? :bigsmile:


Yes you did.
Your browser was not spoofed.
Had it been deceived, your browser would have displayed contents from Secunia with the paypal URL in the address bar.


Not bad. Google Toolbar seems to do a good job with this pop-ups then among other stuff. :slight_smile: Always good to know. hehe


The Multiple Browsers IDN Spoofing Test posted by Nemesys did not spoof my browser or spoofstick, heres a screenshot:


I got ZERO popups using ie before SP2 without any integrated popupblocker - however for over 3 years now I have been using popupcop and NEVER had a single popup or any infestation of any kind.


I have only 3 non-standard checks ticked off making it a bit more aggressive, with a total time of 3sec to tweak… I’d say not bad.

IE is awesome if you got common sense and the right tools… just my opinion.


I prefer Firefox for its features and extensions, I rarely use IE anymore.




Your browser was spoofed.
According to the URL in the address bar you should be on a PayPal site. Yet your browser is displaying contents from another site, in this case Secunia (who devised the test).

The screenshot indicates that you browser is not secure, it was fooled. Read the contents in the displayed window.

Here what you should see if your browser is NOTspoofed.
It should not be able to resolve the address.