PopUp Blocking Software-What's The Best?

can anybody tell me whats the best popup blocking software?thanks.

Firefox :wink:


And if you use IE (God forbid), I thought that the Google toolbar worked alright.

Definately FireFox.

Yep (I use IE :eek: :iagree: :bigsmile: ) Also Norton Firewall 03 is very good @ blocking banners. I rarely see ads anymore.


xtacydima ( I think that’s his name? - search it) released a .reg file that basically gets rid of the majority of ads out there on the net… well blocks them. I think it’s been stickied

http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=106724 << There it is

:bow: Mozilla :bow:

Firefox = Mozilla

Not completely true. Thats like saying Chevy and Oldsmobile are the same car. Same rendering engine (Gecko) but two different development teams and a different wrapper. They do share a lot of common parts but cater to two different segments.

Firefox is a ‘Lite’ version of Mozilla. They’re based on the same thing, just one is kosher :wink:

Direct from the Mozilla.org:

Mozilla 1.7 (Internet Application Suite)

Mozilla 1.7 is our mature, integrated application suite that includes browser, email and newsgroup client, chat client, and an HTML editor. Mozilla 1.7 is not a combination of Firefox and Thunderbird. Mozilla 1.7 is a completely different application.

We suggest Mozilla 1.7 if you are looking for an all-in-one solution when using the Internet. Large organizations that require an integrated suite (past Netscape Communicator users) should consider moving towards Mozilla 1.7. All others should consider upgrading to Firefox and Thunderbird.

Exactly. Firefox is just “fat-free”, basically.

  1. Firefox = Mozilla
  2. Firefox is a ‘Lite’ version of Mozilla. They’re based on the same thing, just one is kosher
  3. Firefox is just “fat-free”, basically

So, which one is it?

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What I’m saying, is that Firefox is not much different than Mozilla, other than it doesn’t come with all the “extras” that Mozilla does.

So you agree that Firefox = Mozilla, an absolute statement, is not quite correct? This is just a little exercise in logic, not a test.

It’s true no man is an island, but if you take a bunch of dead guys and tie 'em together, they make a good raft /.

Yes. I wasn’t being precise, though.

And thats why firecrackers and kittens don’t mix.

We don’t know what we are doing, but we are doing it very carefully… /.

On my new sytem (Medion) as pre-installed, IE6 blocking anf Google toolbar blocking compete for the chance to eat the popup.

I’ll have to tweak something, as getting a needed popup through that mess is almost impossible.

Which one to turn off though - maybe I’ll dump their install of Google and go back to the Yahoo I was using before - Google tends to have too many “junk” results from half-baked “search engines” that use a ton of keywords and adverts over some completely irrelevant results.

mmmmmmmmm…ok then…yes :confused:
ok yahoo just so you all know is the bs of the net. think pf it this way befor you jump on in going yahoo the best. yahoo is one off the world’s bigest gameing online for ppl aged 10 to 28 year’s so when you type something in to yahoo you will alway’s get the one’s that paided yahoo to be in first. so if i typed in
“movie times” {just to show you} it would come up with
yahoo movie
then who ever paided the most money to be here
and so on
and so on
and so on

so befor you start saying google sux how about pulling up 2 windows and see for your self like i did.