Popularity of +R and -R formats

I don’t want to provoke a debate about which format is better. But I’d like to get a sense of the popularity of the two formats. Is there a way to get a voting statistic result like the my favorite brand/mid one that this forum had? This should be easier as there are only two choices.

Perhaps someone knows something about how well each format sells. Any bulk sellers here?

Have you tried posting a poll?

Edit: that’s if a search doesn’t pull one up.


Yup, a poll would cover that. Anyways, to start off. Taiyo Yuden TYG02 DVD-R is my first choice for media. I prefer -R for single layer since it tends to be a little bit cheaper and it is more versatile for all the applications for which I use it (DVD Data backups, DVD Movie backups, Videogame console backups) the last one being the biggest area affected by this. You can always improve the compatibility of +R by setting the booktype to DVD-ROM, but even so this doesn’t always work on videogame console backups and the quality between a high quality DVD-R and a high quality DVD+R disc are pretty comparable.

Media choice…I tend to find myself buying +R (mainly TY and MAXELL002). Dunno why, just a strange preference of mine shrug :slight_smile:

poll added for your amusement…

For some reason, I seem to buy a lot of DVD+R discs. I don’t know why. More worryingly, a lot of it is Verbatim/Mitsubishi, from 4x to 16x. Given that the recent Verbatims I have bought have been crappy, and I’m still thinking of buying more, I really should have my head examined.

I’ve only recently started using DVD-R discs.

Should include “no preference” as a poll choice.

+r has always burnt with better quality for me, regardless of the drive. But i seem to burn more -r. I think +r is my preference though.

I burn 99% -R. I only buy +R occasionally to see if i miss something and with my writers i doesn’t seem so. -R has never let me down but +R discs has missed enough to make me loose interest. My judgement goes for compatibility on various standalone players - and a little bit bc i have better qs from TYG02 as opposed to T02. Same goes for MCC. Little edge to -R :smiley:

I burn pretty much all +R.(with bitsetting) Tho these days it doesn’t seem to matter much. Also burning alot of dual layer media, and for that… definitely +R.

Excellent idea.
Choice added.

I’m stuck on using YUDEN000T02 (8x +R) I used to try different media both + and - . These work best on my burners, LiteOn and NEC.

No preference. Just which ever is cheaper.

Wow, the poll shows that it is geared for +R but the comments here don’t seem to support it. Come on folks, post your reasons. :wink:

-R for me because my xbox and ps2 and gamecube prefer it :slight_smile:

I’m a sucker for booktype settings, hence the +R for me. My current TY stock also performs much better on the +R side, YUDEN000T02 show much lower pie/f values than TYG02 on my toasters.

Hi :slight_smile:
I use mainly MCC 03RG20 or MCC 004. You just need to look at the BSOB thread BenQ 1640 to see why I prefer MCC 004 (+ media) Consistantly QS 99% - PIE less than 10 max - PIF less than 5 max - Jitter less than 9%.
MCC 03RG20 QS 97/98% - PIE less than 20 max - PIF less than 10 max - Jitter less than 12%. Plus writing to + media quicker.

Same reasoning here and scans are consistantly some of the lowest I have seen regardless of + or -, playability and longetivity(so far) have been excellent with YUDEN000T02. I know that I am speaking of a specific media code but that is all I use and all i can compare to is other scans I see here.

Hehe, as I said, no particular reason - I just seem to be “drawn” to +R. Plus the manufacturer/MID I mentioned just seem to burn extremely nicely on my two burners. :slight_smile:

Having said that, just to put a spanner in the works…Prodisc F02 (the only -Rs I own) seems to burn lovely in my LiteOn. Go figure. :bigsmile:

I voted for no particular preference. As long as they’re good quality media I find that both types work ok for me.

Long time ago when I owned an old Liteon LDW541 then I prefered +R because they just seemed to work better than -R in those older liteon models. Later when I first got my Pioneer DVR108 I switched to -R, partly because the 108 slightly prefers -R but mostly becasue it couldn’t booktype set which made -R the most compatible media (+R wont even play on my home player unless it’s booktype set to -rom).

Anyway these days I’ve got a few different burners and can use +R or -R so I just buy whatever I can get a good deal on. I know that technically +R is supposed to be superior but personally I don’t find any real difference (particular burner preference not withstanding).