Popularity of DVD movie rentals holding steady in U.S

I just posted the article Popularity of DVD movie rentals holding steady in U.S..

 GristyMcFisty used our    news submit  to tell us  that DVD  movie rentals are still doing well, even in the face of lower prices and  video on demand competitors. Seems like folks still like to...
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exactly, why more than 30 aus, when you can hire the movie for 5 , then do a divx rip, or dvd back-up, and have it forever :B not that i do this ofcorse, im a one of the few who actually buy dvds, no-matter how insane it seems :g
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At least in my area of the US VOD is not a factor. With Time Warner charging REDICULOUS amount of money(~ 80USD/mo.) just to get a basic digital cable package (with about 2 channels you might find useful over the non digital but still costly basic cable package) it’s not even an attractive offer. Not to mention the quite limited selection of VOD movies that they offer at least in my area. That reminds me time to lose this cable. I’m sick of TW raising rates and adding like “Home and garden channel” (WTF?) to justify the added cost
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On that note, why does a hardlined home phone cost half as much as a cellular phone without making calls on the home phone and using your cellular for all of your calling needs, including long distance?