Popular TV show episodes get pirated millions of times online

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The time of TV shows being released in the UK long their US release may have to come to an end following the rapid growth of online TV piracy. Programmes such as 24, Lost and Desperate…

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So if they start to air them worldwide it will not be a problem.

they should not leave it so long before releasing it in the UK then Still no series 5 of Scrubs (series 6 start in the US on Thursday) No second series of my name it earl and no sign either ,shall I go on

With any TV show aired on the BBC TV advertisers lose nothing - since there is no advertising on that network, (I’m talking about during a show). This leaves only ITV4, Chan5 and any rubbish that appears on PayTV. Also, since in the UK they get ripped off just to watch a TV, (TV license), something like 120UKP/year, IIRC, I personally would have absolutely no qualms about downloading TV shows.

I guess this should start showing the media cartels that the UK and such is sick of waiting for things to come to them. IE with Sony saying that the UK is used to waiting for stuff. GIVE IT TO THEM NOW!! We are a global economy, prove it. Get rid of your regional crap and give people what they want. Is that so tough? Think of the money to be made.

I download all my favorite TV shows even though I have a HD PVR and pay ~ $50 - $60 a month for cable + HD. Most of the downloads are better quality than my crappy Videotron compressed-to-crap signal and my POS crappy Scientific Atlanta HD reciever with its horrible full-of-artifacts video processing quality. And best of all, without any commercials to fast forward through :slight_smile:

things like this are going to continue to happen until these companies realise that in this day and age, the public wants everything now at there finger tips especially the younger generation which most of these TV shows are aimed at. the UK always gets TV shows last and also gets the legal download services last to, it doesn’t make much sense to me. i download TV shows on a weekly basis, give me the option to download them straight after there shown on american TV and i won’t pirate them, full stop. i don’t ever keep the downloads, as i tend to buy the DVDs whenever they come out (like a year after its first shown on TV).

Just like Ivid, I download some shows also. 1. Quality is better then my POS VCR (Haven’t moved to PVR yet). 2. Typically No Commercials. For some series I have just started waiting for the DVD release. I can rent most series for around $20 and then I veg for a week. I get great quality, no commercials, and I don’t have to worry about cliffhangers.

I download, not waiting 6 months+ for great shows like 24, Lost, Prison break etc. Now my HDTV does have better quality than the dloads, if they played at the same time as the US or even only a couple weeks later I would never waste my bandwidth downloading. They recently started airing the OC and Jericho at the same time as the US. Do I bother downloading those? Nope. Air shows the same time worldwide and less than half the people will download. Simple.

p2p blah newsgroups anyday

I can’t even remember when I started downloading shows but the fact is that it’s become a way of life now for me. I don’t watch Sky (Unless Arsenal are playing) and the only things that interest me on terrestial tv are Eastenders and Spooks. The powers that be are still living in the 80’s. We are in the information age now and they either adapt or die.

The commercial is null and void. Why? Product placement is RAMPANT in this day and age. I can’t think of a single show on television that keeps from the constant advertising DURING the program.

I didn’t see Battlestar Galactica on that list. I’m told by umm… a friend that it’s very popular in the BT world.

“Should consumers miss a programme, it means a loss for the content provider if the consumer chooses to download it from a free file sharing service rather than from a legitimate pay-per-download service.” wow…the industry must be losing millions just from me. I travel alot and I’m only home 2-3 days out of the week; I have 100 channels or so and only watch a few of them. lame agruement there!

PIRATED? HARDLY!!! You broadcasted it in the clear. You allowed millions to tape episodes for two decades. NOW you scream pirated? Get over yourself. I’ll download whatever TV episode I want to. Today it’s CSI: Miami and Heroes, both of which aired LAST NIGHT. In the CLEAR. You gave it away for free. Two words for you, NOT Happy Birthday.

lol, ease. Thats shows the performance of TV industry in another way. :wink:

I hate adverts - broadcasting at the same time as in the US won’t change that. I suppose I could build a homebrew TIVO thing that could screen out the Ad’s but that would cost money and I already own a PC… Someone earlier mentioned our TV License. On the upside, it does allow us to watch BBC TV with no advert breaks in the shows. But unfortunately there is very little content I am interested in (I am watching Torchwood but I am not sure if I can take it seriously… try saying ‘the aliens are coming with their ray guns’ in a welsh accent and you’ll know what I mean :stuck_out_tongue: ). See once upon a time we Brits only had a bare habdful of channels to choose from (millions of americans cry out in shock :o ) so its value for money didn’t seem to bad. Now i get 500+ channels from Sky for around £200 a year, yet the beeb charges us £120 a year for only 2 channels. The problem is that since everyone HAS to pay the license, the BBC has to try to cater for everyone’s tastes. The result is diluted crap with only one show a week I am interested in. Is the license value for money? If it were a subscription fee, I wouldn’t pay it. I’d download :stuck_out_tongue:

TV Licensing should be scrapped. Your right that the BBC has to try and cater for everyone and by doing so only produces 1 or 2 shows that are worth watching to an individual. The BBC is going to have a tough time of it the next time the license is up for review… BSG is blinding at the moment along with Heroes.

Airing the shows in all regions at the same time would help cut down on piracy, but theres other things too. Am I the only one who thinks its rather odd we have to pay for tv overburden with commercials? We have to pay so that companies can stream their advertisements to us. I’ve actually liked watching the major networks in the US start to stream their shows, hopefully the internet will make them obscelete. The other is… If you don’t have the time during primetime to watch tv, and you already have a half-decent computer, its easier and cheaper to download tv shows then it is to buy a digital video recorder and capture them off tv.

If I refer to the show “The Shield” (great show hey?), we, in France and Belgium, are still waiting for the 3thd and 4th season to hit the shelves in a zone 2 DVD version. We have been waiting for more than two years… And no explanation what so ever about the delay… Don’t RIAA mignons dare to complain about people downloading those shows… Same matter for the second season of “Dead like me” (awsome show as well). My point being if those show where available everywhere in the world (or close to it), this will lesser the downloadings big time.