Popular quiz app on Facebook made personal data of 120 million users publicly available

Originally published at: https://www.myce.com/news/popular-quiz-app-on-facebook-made-personal-data-of-120-million-users-publicly-available-84550/

A Belgian security researcher has discovered that personal data of more than 120 million Facebook users worldwide was publicly accessible to third parties. The data was collected by a quiz app called Nametests that is developed by the German company Social Sweethearts. The leak existed for several years and data remained accessible even when the app was uninstalled.

I can’t say anything in this article surprises me. I’m especially unsurprised to find out that nobody seems to have any real clue whether this irresponsible lack of encryption resulted in any actual data theft. The world of computer computer programming (especially in the area of web apps) is increasingly being filled with idiots.

Same here play the game get burned…really simple…don’t use or have FB account.