Popular Ghostery privacy browser extension becomes open source

Originally published at: https://www.myce.com/news/popular-ghostery-privacy-browser-extension-opensourced-83917/

German software development company Cliqz, owner of the popular privacy browser extension Ghostery, has decided to open source the tool. With Ghostery it’s possible to block advertisements and trackers. On Chrome, it has nearly 3 million users, while there are also 1 million Firefox users with the extension installed. Cliqz acquired Ghostery a year ago…

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I suppose you could read this two ways; either they really do want to make Ghostery open and transparent or the new owner has decided it makes not enough/no money and wants to offload development work to the open source community.

I don’t use it to block ads but it is useful for blocking/allowing reply and comment sections on specific pages.

I just use my regular hosts blocker I that modified and have no issue with adware and popups. And if they do try they just get a null white window.