Pops & skips all of a sudden

Hello all. This is my first post so be gentle if I sound stupid with this question. I burn A LOT of music CDs “On The Fly” with my computer! Lately, towards the last few tracks of a burn using Nero, the Used Read Buffer goes from 100% and slowly goes down to zero and then starts to slowly go back up. When I play the CD back, I hear an occasional pop and skip on the tracks that was being burned when the buffer dipped down to zero. These errors seems to always be only on the last few tracks of the CD. I can open a brand new music CD and burn it and still get these results. For months before this started happening, the Used Read Buffer always stayed at 100% during a burn. I’ve burned hundreds of CDs at 32X with zero errors! I tried burning at 12X and the same thing happens! When I burn the same CDs on my laptop, I have no problems! I’ve had this puter since Last December and it ALWAYS burned perfect CDs until recently. I have a Pentium 4, 2.66 GHz processor. I have 512 Meg of RAM. I use a Liteon DVD rom as the source drive and I use a TDK CDRW 5200B 52X. I always used Memorex CDR. I un-installed and re-installed Nero. I just bought another TDK burner this morning thinking that that might be the problem and I still have the same symptoms! I don’t know what to do. Should I change the Ultrabuffer (it’s set for 71 MB)? Should I replace the Liteon reader? Has anyone heard of this problem? Any input would be appreciated. Thanks. Joe.

Have you tried burning data cds? the dvd drive may not be keeping up with the cd burner.

Could it be a DMA problem?

No. I have the DMA enabled on both drives. I did remove the DVDr drive (my reader) to another cdr drive that I had in another puter. The burn process seems to be much better. Although one of the CDs that I burned, the buffer dipped to zero but after playing the CD it played ok. Thanks for all the help and I will keep you guys posted on any changes! Joe. :bigsmile: