Pops/Clicks when playing DVDs

I just set up my new DVD writer, and everything seems to work fine except for the fact that I experience a few pops and clicks when I play DVD movies. I have a Plextor PX708A. I didn’t hook up the digital or analog audio cables to the drives. would that help? right now, all i have hooked up is the IDE cable and the power cable… but audio still plays… it just has some pops and clicks when playing from DVD.

Your first sep should ne to eliminate what causes this… software or hardware. To do this, I would get software to rip the DVD vob files onto the HDD, and play them, see how the PC handles it.

If all goes well, then se if this happnes exclusively with DVD’s. Try playing a VCD or music disc. I do not use the IDE to transfer music I still use digital cable or analog audio cable and disable the IDE for this.
**I do it for different reason to have more control in the sound panel.

If you conclude this happens exclusively with DVD titles try using the audio or digial cables to eliminate the idea of interference on the IDE cable.

If it still continue’s I would exchange the drive.

P.S. - make sure the drive is in DMA mode in Windows and in BIOS.

If you’re using an add-on sound card, it’s probably sharing the IRQ with another hardware component, ie, the video card. Move the sound card to another PCI slot and see what happens.

how do I ensure that the drive is in DMA mode?