Pops and crackles in mp3's with Ricoh MP7200A

can anyone help me please. i get lots of crackels and pops in some of my mp3’s when ripping from cd audio. i am using nero and have also tried cdex but still get the problem. have tried turning off DMA, disabling norton antivirus, slower burn speed and slower read speed, nothin works.
The burner is a Ricoh MP7200A, running windows ME, celeron 466 cpu, 320mb ram. the burner is connected as the slave and the audio cable to the sound card is connected from the cd rom. i noticed that the sound cable from the cd rom is connected to the analog output.
Any suggestions???

I’ve been sniffing at Ricoh’s websites (more annoying than Pioneer’s huge websites , i couldn’t dream that would be possible).

You can download new firmware’s for the drive here ; You have to register with an email adress first.

There can be a problem with your ASPI settings. If you have them installed , try uninstalling them or upgrade them to the latest version (4.60 or even 4.70).

Also , try to rip one track at a time ( i mean tracks of about 5 minutes).

thanks for your help. i have installed the latest ASPI files and this is a first for me(newbe). I just followed the instructions which was pasteing a couple of files from the download into nero. if i want to uninstall them is it just a matter of deleting those files?
it also didn’t tell me what version i installed either! i have added a link to show u what i installed. http://www.nero.com/en/download.htm

Nero ASPI driver (for Windows 95/98/ME)
(with installation descr. in english)