Popping Sound?

Hi there,

I was just listening to a song I downloaded (legal to download here in Canada not to share yours though) and part way through the song their is what I would describe as a “popping sound” it lasts only a second but it is very annoying.

Anyone know what I am referring to here?


Curtis M.

that MP3 file is possibly corrupted.

Use EncSpot or Feurio to check if it has sync errors (defective frames).

ok, if it has a popping sound you could use Nero WaveEdit to remove it, just remember to only select the section of the track with the pop in it otherwise it may cause the quality of the rest of the track to decrease, i dont think it would be a corrupt file, more likely just a skip in the cd it was “ripped” from, hope this helps, ben :slight_smile: