Popping sound from media played on my DVD/CDRW drive

Hello everyone. Recently, whenever my DVD/CDRW drive plays an audio CD (or a burned AVI on a CD-R) the audio has a slight popping sound. The audio doesn’t really skip, as far as I can tell, but there is a slight popping sound that just won’t go away.

I know for sure this isn’t an hardware problem as I have encountered this problem before. My past solution was a complete format of my drive, which seemed to do the trick. But the problem tends to come back within a few months. Last time this happened I simply deleted the DVD/CDRW drive from the System device list (so when I reboot it auto-detect the drive and reinstall it), but this time when I did that it didn’t fix the problem.

I scanned my drive of viruses and spyware. Two spyware files were detected and cleaned. I ran the scan again, nothing was found so I think it’s clean at this point. I also ran the registry mechanic and a whole crapload of errors were detected, then fixed. I ran the program again, no registry errors were found which leads me to think it’s fixed.

My system:
AMD Athlon Processor
500 MHz, 256 MB of RAM

I am really at a loss for what to do, and I’d like to avoid formatting my drive again to fix this problem, just for it to come back again in a few months :frowning:

Any suggestions anyone.

P.S. I hear that the firmware for my DVD/CDRW drive can fix various problems that it encounters, but whenever I do a search on google the old link ftp link (about 2 years old) that was initially serving it is down, so I can’t get that firmware. Does anyone have the firmware for my DVD/CDRW drive?