I bought some yummy cinema-sweet popcorn to scoff tonight, so I had to ask…which kind do you prefer?

Me, I prefer the sweet kind. The salty kind is :Z



Salty… definitely salty, but it’s gotta have lots of butter…Yummmm… :iagree:
Not that fake buttery flavored grease… :Z


Salty… For some reason I love salt.
EDIT - Like Maineman says, soaked in butter…salted butter…


i like either movie theater popcorn no extra butter or just plain airpopped with no flavoring whatsoever.


Plain popcorn, toffee is good too.

No ‘popcorn polish’ i.e. that stuff they claim to be butter. That stuff is beyond wrong.


We don’t get the “buttery” kind over here (at least, I never saw any) :eek:


I don’t like popcorn. :Z


salty, buttered and freshly made (nuked).

Sometimes I like to experiment by spicing the popcorn with chili or something.


Sweet popcorn, thats an abomination! Salted of course! With or without butter. But sugar, argh take it away (in fact I’ve never seen sweet popcorn on sale anywhere in this country).

Not like popcorn? You’re weird!


I agree with my lawyer :bow: :bow: :bow: :iagree:


soy sauce is actually very good on popcorn.

make some in an airpopper and dump it all in a paper grocery bag. dump in some soy sauce and shake it all up to coat it then dump it back into a bowl.

other fun combinations: garlic powder + chili powder came out good.

we tried an “italian” mix once that was gross…oregano, basil, and a little garlic powder. good in sauce…not on popcorn


What, no sweet popcorn at all in Sweden?! Wow :eek:

Sorry about not including an “I don’t like popcorn” option, Dee :o…can’t believe that slipped my mind!


Putting sugar on the popcorn is backwards and then it’s no wonder it’s popular in britain! :bigsmile:
Also, what are you people doing here? I just came in after a night (late evening) on the (cold) town. I got bored of people with poor grammar and an urge to hug after a while tho. But thats no reason for you to be sitting here! Or wait, maybe it is.
[I]- CDF, we’re much friendlier and you wont be fondled by strangers.[/I]


Don’t you start that :bigsmile:


we have “kettle Korn” here in the US. I don’t know if it’s also availabe overseas, but it’s sort of a sweet popcorn and i don’t like it at ALL.

caramel corn on the other hand…mmmmmmmmmmm :stuck_out_tongue:


:eek: That mixture can’t be italian.

Never seen popcorn in this way :disagree:


Anything with herbs on it is marketed as italian. Or Jamaican, but those herbs often lead to prison.



haha not saying it was italian popcorn, we just grabbed a bunch of italian style herbs and things from the shelf and started experimenting

this is what happens with 2 bored 17 year olds and a giant air popper and a 5 pound jar of popcorn kernels…

those were the days…


Or the ability to consume massive amounts of salty, buttery popcorn…