Pop Up Help needed!



Im making a warez site ( http://scapewarez.cjb.net ). I made an account on angelfire so you get an anoying pop up, i want to kill that pop-up. I heard you could do that with an java script or something.

I also made some links to sites with pop-ups is ther a possibitity (uhum) to kill those to?

I dont mean a program to kill them (discussed in another topic) but a script on my page.



Can´t Help with the pop up problem , but been to your “site” “seen it” “love it”
Keep the good work up…


Well, 1st of all, you can’t kill the pop-ups in the pages that you linked/framed on your page.
The pop-ups on your own site could be done, but I dont know how to do it on angelfire.
If you use Hypermart or VirualAve to host your site, the banners can be removed VERY easy. Problem with this forum is I can’t use HTML tags, else I would insert the small code below.
Email me for instructions, but only for Hypermart or VirtualAve…



I’m glad you like it swineonline.

I’m thinking about copying the site that i linked to my own site so i can remove all the pop-ups and the banners, but i’m not shure about that, it wouldn’t be nice for the guys who made it.

TheScape http://scapewarez.cjb.net


Plus it would probably not work since most links are through CGI scripts. They wouldnt work if you copied them i think.
(At least, not if the programmed them right)



Try www.poppupsmustdie.com



Good luck!


The popupsmustdie doesn’t work.

TheScape http://scapewarez.cjb.net