Pop stars used in war against piracy - don't be naughty bad boy!

Let’s stop all this Bullshit Please!!! Common everybody let’s just think right and not give arguments such as britney spears can’t(which is true I have to admit) or that Missy has a fat ass(which happens to be true too). The real fact is that even though piracy is growing everyday, these people don’t have to complain, shit they have millions and millions of us dollars, so please Madonna, Britney, Eminem and all the rest of you stop complaining about a million dollar that you might loose a year and just realize how much money you have! most of you couldn’t even tell how much they, so please let’s stop the BULLSHIT

When ever I see these commercials Im gonna laugh and look at my 7,000+ MP3 collection. I would never buy music cds even if totally outlawed P2P I find away like underground IRC. Or if I had to I would tape it off the radio. The last time I bought a music CD was back in 1993 and that is when I ripped off columbia house. LOL

I don’t get it. Why don’t they see that WE ARE NOT STEALING!!! Let me explain: When I steal a cd from the recordstore, the recordstore doesn’t have it anymore, because I took it away. That’s the definition of stealing, right? Taking something from someone while you aren’t allowed to, result: the other doesn’t have it anymore. Now, when you DOWNLOAD, you transfer bits & bytes from another’s PC to your own. In the end, you have the MP3, but the difference is: THE OTHER USER STILL HAS IT TOO!!! So I’ve proven my point, this absolutely CAN’T be called stealing!!! :4 :7

yeah cpudrewsc, you’re really a though guy eh? (sarcastic)