Pop stars used in war against piracy - don't be naughty bad boy!

I just posted the article Pop stars used in war against piracy - don’t be naughty bad boy!.

digital fire used our newssubmit to tell us that Britney Spears is among the pop stars fronting a new advertising campaign aimed at warning people against online piracy.

The pop stars will…

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I doubt any of these people even know how to use a computer. It’s kinda funny to have rappers like Missy and Eminem on here, when they sample other artists songs for their own.

…and the poor old pop stars don’t get any money…oh dear they’re soooo hard up! They’ll only be able to buy a Porsche and not that Ferrari they’ve always wanted…to go with the other five they’ve already got that is! My heart bleeds, get the violins out I’m about to break down and cry…NOT! :r

Britney should just shut up and stop singing… she sucks she needs to go to her true calling… porn :4

Yesterday morning I listened to a radio interview with a singer (sings parody/humorous/rated X type songs about life). They asked him how he felt about sites like Napster and he said they hurt the record companies but barely make a dent in his pocket because he makes the majority of his money from concerts/appearances. He also said site like Napster helps promote his music, which he says, helps promote awareness of his music. As a result he gets packed bars & concert halls were ever he plays.

Whoops she did it again! Can’t sing either! :wink:

if they want to tweak my conscience at least include artists I listen to…:4 I promise to watch if brittany shows her jubblies…:7

downloading a song by britney is like walking into a porta-potty and stealing the sh!t. as far as they go, i’ve seen what they own on mtv’s “cribs”, and they are not hurting for money. they make their money from their concerts when they charge $60+ for a ticket to see them.

:frowning: great, the pupetmasters jerk their pathetic fake pupets into life to say they dont like mp3. They dont even know what they are! while they spend their way through expensive cars and houses, I dont think we sould complain anymore about the record companies releasing fake files on the p2p networks, coz they have been pushing FAKES on us for years already, they cant sing they cant write a song and they cant play any instruments lol :wink:

‘Too many people don’t realise that when you download a song you like from a peer-to-peer network or some other unauthorised internet service, you’re stealing music,’ she [Hilary Rosen] said.
I’m sorry, but that argument is INCORRECT. If you alread own the music, it is NOT ILLEGAL. And how are these peer-to-peer networks
? There is plenty of legal content on P2P networks and the supposed illegal content is legal as long as one already owns that music, so it is like downloading a backup copy that someone else made for you. She needs to be more specific because right now she sounds like a dumb fuck that knows nothing about what she is talking about. Maybe she should get some better speech writers…Microsoft has some of those :r

All your music are belong to us.

piracy will save the world from this trash-crappy-shitty-mindless music :r Do not support such artist and the peace will return above the earth. Thanks

A print campaign, featuring such performers as Luciano Pavarotti
BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!! santa claus came early this year :4 :+ … i shouldn’t be happy, since i’m italian too :frowning: well, i have just checked my cd collection, and i found out that i don’t have any illegal disc! yes, i may download music from the net, maybe illegal music, but i buy about 3 cd per month, which means i give siae (italian riaa) at least 45 € a month… i should download more :4

Spears: Hello, my name is Britney Spears. I am a sell-out music artist who works for the Recording Industry Association of America. I am here to talk to you about something I know absolutely nothing about - music piracy. Even though I have never used a PC and I thought Windows just meant someone was talking about real-life windows, I am here to speak out about peer-to-peer networks. Hey did I get that right, what ever the fuck those are? Rosen: Beats the hell out of me, I always read the lines given to me and have no fucking clue what I am talking about. I really need to hire some of those speech writers from Microsoft. Spears: Oh, me too. Anyways, downloading music is bad because my employer said so. Please think about all the people who you rip off when you download music off of unauthorised internet services. Um…who gets ripped off? Rosen: Just me. I had to reduce my Christmas bonus by I think a million this year. Spears: Oh. So in finishing, please show respect for the artists who entertain our great nation and the rest of the world by paying for music cds instead of downloading them online.
That sounds about right.

Missy Elliots fat ass needs to skip a few meals anyway.

I can see it now… Don’t download my music from that web-thingy Al Gore invented. Like, totally go out and pay $20 so that I can like eat, and have a car, and like cool hair, and… um… whatever else. Just like totally get it! - Britney Spears

What is an “unauthorized” Internet service? If I can download my P2P software from CNET, should CNET be shutdown for encouraging users to pirate music or for hosting software that allows you to do so? Isn’t hosting P2P software that allows this to happen the same as someone hosting the DeCSS file on their network?

I remember when I heard from my friend that they were having advertisements where I live that they were saying it was “cool” to buy a CD and get a receipt with it. Yea, having to break the wrapper on the CD case is cool to. Someone should just hack the RIAA site again and put mp3’s of the artist that will be in the commercials. I’d like to see there reaction then.

Mp3 has helped develop, maturize, progress & sell the entire current state of music. While some dollars slip away frompotential buyers who might download a track, the music itself has been perpetualized & thrusted forward into the ear, mind & souls of the people. This has inevitebly brought the soul of the music itself into light years ahead of where it would have been without the advent of mp3.

Mp3 will be helpful in that it will force the RIAA to give us an incentive to buy music again. DVD-Audio cheaply priced for one. They’ve been coasting on their monopoly for too long. $15 for an audio format that remains unchanged in 20 years… Bring on the 5.1 audio. Then we’ll talk about mp3’s making progression, other than that it’s a lossy audio format that’s caused many level headed consumers to be filled with greed.