Pop stars demand more control over their music

I just posted the article Pop stars demand more control over their music.

Up until recent years, the only way music was sold to consumers was by physical media such as records, tapes and CDs. The more music sold, the more the recording industry made, which in-turn…

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The big question that artists should be asking is why, with digital distribution, do they need a “record company” at all? I’m sure the record companies are scared sh*tless of what the answer to that question might be.

I think they should get more money from their music. I mean, where else are they going to get the coin for that third olympic swimming pool in California or that rare copy of erotic stories from 1658? Whatever. Just think how normal Britney would be if she wasn’t worth $50 million. Poverty keeps you grounded, people. I’m so grounded, it isn’t even funny.

I agree with this in that music artists shouldn’t be ripped off by the record companies. Glad to see the consumers aren’t the only ones feeling the pain from the Greedy RIAA.

@CDan, granted, record companies are pretty pointless. But the main reason they exist is advertising. Music artists should only be focused on their music, and playing shows. The record companies “should” be there to take care of distribution and advertising the music.

Somewhere along the line, someone had the bright idea of giving the record companies full control over the music…lol, I guess that person was a genius.

Poverty is an understatement for me so I know how it feels Duke as for this article I don’t feel bad in the least bit for the rich as they live above and beyond their means and have no sense of what it’s like to have to live in a budget. But no one should get ripped off at all including consumers.

C’mon guys! If you’re accessing the net you can’t be that poor!

You’re forgetting that there are other artists than Britney that are not living a luxurious pampered lifestyle, because they sell fewer CDs or because they aren’t as popular, the label gives them less royalties. They do deserve more money, and those big names deserve faaaaarrrrrr far less.

I must respond to your claim that you believe and I quote “You’re forgetting that there are other artists than Britney that are not living a luxurious pampered lifestyle” Which artists are you talking about? wannabe’s on American Idol?? I am confused here did I miss something?