Pop icon Michael Jackson comes out against locking up music pirates



I just posted the article Pop icon Michael Jackson comes out against locking up music pirates.

  GristyMcFisty  and TimBee both   used our news submit  to tell  us that yesterday pop superstar Michael Jackson came out against a proposed new law that would put music...
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Of course he’s against sending teenagers to jail. He can’t have sex with them if they’re locked away in jail


Harsh Zix…harsh, but possibly fair?


Zix please grow up. He is trying to help… The only ones that know for sure if He is gulity of child molestation is God and Michael Jackson. Don’t be so quick to judge… Judge not least yea be judged…


Maybe he is using p2p too :slight_smile:


And as there is no such thing as god (or Santa, the tooth fairy etc.) which you should have also have grown out of by now? the only people who know what Wako does is him and his (alleged) victims


Personally, I would like to thank Micheal Jackson for speaking out and frankly making some good sense. To be so talented and yet sensitive to his fans is a rare combination. Long Live Michael Jackson. :slight_smile:


Well, Jackson is a sucker for teenage boys. No wonder he wants to make friends with that age group.


…yeah he’s probably got a dedicated 100Mbps link to the web with all his cash…fast downloads? You bet ur ass!


Can We stay on topic this is about Michael Jackson trying to help out, not about whether or not He is a child molester…


I think this is just a desperate attempt to regain some popularity.


He may also be embarrassed at the fact that the RIAA is using his music along with just a handful of other artists to bust people. Forcing him to make a statement.


“I think this is just a desperate attempt to regain some popularity.” Whatever his motivation is… if that’s what it takes to change a law, or to review the penalties for downloading a song, it’s only a song people! Not plutonium or smth… by all means, let him be… he has my support. He is the first BIG artist to make a statement about this matter in public. It may not change anything atm, but I think it’s very important that this happened.


Of course… what does he care? He sold all his copyrights.


Yea yea, and O.J. isn’t a murderer.


Micheal Jackson is a fairy fruitcake so who gives a shit what he have to say.


I used to be a BIG regular on this site but dont come as much these days. All I have to say is a LOT of you need to grow up and get over it. You freak out that the RIAA presumes your all guilty without actually taking you to court and proving it and how your innocent till proven guilty, yet here you all are whining and complaining when a BIG name celebrity comes out and actually agree’s with you and stands up. No wonder the RIAA has so much power, you all just whine and bitch and slagg off people who actually agree with you. If this is the reaction he gets for coming out and sticking up for people’s rights then where is the motivation for any other celebrity to put their neck on the line and go up against the RIAA by speaking against them?? If you want to judge him as a child molester when you have NO idea but simply read one or two newspapers or saw a bit of TV then fine - your all a bunch of thieves and are guilty - as much so as him. Look up the word hypocritical and you’ll see yourselves then - either people are innocent until proven guilty or they’re not. The fact that he’s a big celebrity and newspapers can sell a lot more copies by accusing him of being a child molester is irrelivant to the fact he deserves a trial as much as anyone else.


I think it’s great he’s speaking against the RIAA’s decisions. I hope more big names do too. But it doesn’t mean I’m going to be naive and not think he probably has an ulterior motive. He’s been on the VERY successful side of copyright ownership back when he purchased all the Beatle’s copyrights.


Well said. Personally I’m not a great fan of his music but millions are and even after all that has been said about him in the media he still has millions of fans. I don’t think this is a popularity thing at all, after all he can lock himself away in his mansion / theme park / whatever it is and not give a rats arse about what goes on in the real world, but with him making a statement like this a lot of people will sit up and take notice, and his comments could keep some people from going to jail as it’s an amission that he personally feels that people sould not get sued for copying his stuff. With the right lawers and a fair judge it could tip the scales against any lawsuit.


You make a lot of lot of sense and I certainly couldn’t have said it better! Hypocrisy is the right word for those here who are taking cowardly stabs at Jackson for publicly making such a statement. I certainly don’t believe they would do such a thing if they were in his position, they’d be too busy helping the RIAA to protect their music!!