Pop goes the music industry's profit

I just posted the article Pop goes the music industry’s profit.

Looks like music sales of cd’s heading downward due to consumer’s making their own cd’s, d/l digital music.etc…

"Continued consumer enthusiasm for digital music downloading and the increasing…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/2851-Pop-goes-the-music-industrys-profit.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/2851-Pop-goes-the-music-industrys-profit.html)

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One word. Boycott. I will never buy any media or content from an RIAA member label. They have spent years fucking consumers in the ass. They are still trying to. It’s time to hit them where they hurt. In the wallet.

I agree that the labels are ripping consumers off, but here is a fresh perpective: I work for a large label at one of their manufacturing plants. We are all close to losing our jobs… If only they would manage their business with some semblance of business sense!

In my opinion, the CD industry in its current form, is obsolete. Why would consumers continue to spend huge amounts of money on CDs with, say, 15 tracks on them, of which only one or two are worth any money? Particularly since it is so easy to compose their own CDs, with only the tracks they want? Then, there’s MP3 technology, which makes traditional CDs even less interesting to many people. The music industry should have shown more creativity to face the challenges of the continuing technological innovations, instead of keeping on trying to fight off any changes. Mind you, I did not say that that’s an easy task, particularly if greed is your only motivation, but it could have been worth it. One of the simplest ideas could have been to allow consumers to go to a record shop, select a list of tracks, and have the record shops press a CD with the selected tracks on it. Now that the consumers have grown into the habit of doing it for themselves, of course, it’s too late to introduce this fantastic, revolutionary, new idea…

I agree with everything that luvr said.The music industry is trying to prevent the advancement and use of technology that they cannot control.The music industry is in a state of flux at this moment with the advent of mp3 copression technology as well as ease of use of CD burners.I do not the music industry as a whole understands why people create their own CDs.As long as the product they continue to put out is flawed,their sales will continue to fall.File sharing can not be stopped.

luvr - ya point is spot on and basically says it all - need we say much more ? If only da greedy fuckas would listen ! Nice one ! Laterz … . :4

What kills me is how badly the music industry has been raping US (and world) customers. Case in point…why does an audio cassette cost $8 and a CD cost $15 when the CD is SIGNIFICANTLY cheaper to manufacture? It’s because they knew they could make us pay it (until file-sharing and CD-R’s appeared that is). Personally, I haven’t bought an audio CD in 3 or 4 years and refuse to do so until the music industry starts selling stuff at reasonable prices. Maybe if CD’s cost $4.99 or $5.99 more people would buy them. Hey music industry execs: fire your damn lawyers, copy protection pushers, and the rest of your fat and sell stuff to the public at a fair price!!! :frowning: :frowning:

I’d much prefer to have a legit cd than one i made myself, but there’s no way i’m gonna pay what they ask for it - in England the high street shops charge an average of about £16.99 per album, when they’re not on offer. And if it’s an imported CD, prices can be as high as £25.00. It’s a complete rip off. If they just lowered the price they’d sell so many more, as I’m sure I’m not the only person who feels this way, and their profits would rise again due to the fact they’d sell so many more CD’s. Even by lowering their profit per Cd, they’d increase it significantly in the long run.

Let’s face it, the music industry is producing such drivel these days that none of the music is worth my bandwidth, let alone my £££.

RIAA. who needs em? i sure don’t.

is it me, or is everyone on this board a pessimistic a-hole that keeps on saying that music sucks. If music sucked, nobody would even bother wasting their bandwith getting all those mp3’s. If you hate the music industry so much, keep getting the damn mp3’s and stop whining about paying for a cd with only 2 good songs. The RIAA sucks because they get a majority of the artists money, not that they produce the crappy music you listen to today.

I’m a 32 year old English geezer and over 'ere in da UK, most of our tunes are aimed - not even at teenagers - but children ! Boy bands and more wanky boy bands - poncing round like pussies - or even worse - twats like Steps (although da chix r nice), Atomic Kitten etc etc . . need I say more ! I’m beginning to puke ! We 'ave a wicked UK garage and dance scene, but left to da poxy music industry, you’d never know dis - dey just take a genre and fuk it up. The point - well da only way we can get wicked tunes is by downloading the 1 or 2 good ones out of every shite 100+ Give me a puka CD wiv 16 banging tunes and ya can 'ave me cash - plain and simple - rip me off wiv crap and zero selection and ya can suck my ok ! Laterz … .

Nicely put luVr and eBwoy, my sentiments exactly as well! Sadly enough 99% of all music produced these days is exactly that, PRODUCED!!. Some preteen fuckas are styled, taught how to “dance” and instructed how to “sing” playback. Whether or not these “artists” posess any musical creativity or singing talent seems to be the least of the Record companies worries, just as long as they’re willing to play along. What really tops off the disgust factor is how easy these socalled artists get the impression that they’re the biggest thing since sliced bread. Frankly to me it’s amazing that any music is being sold at all these days. I for one won’t waste the bandwidth/$$$ What’s even more worrying though is that similar tendencies seem to be progressing in the movie biz, glamour over contents :r