Poor write speeds with 3500



I have always experienced slow write speeds with my 3500. I just flashed it with FW 2.18 SE firmware and still my average write speed was 6.5x. I’m using Memorex 8X DVD+R’s. I have an AMD AthlonXP 3200 with 512 megs of RAM. I have used several different types of media all with the same result. Thanks for any help!!



That sounds about right for 8x media-

In Nero CD-Speed test should start about 4x and finish at about 8x with around 6.5x average-

Nothing wrong with your 3500 - suggest better media though - my 3500’s both seem to prefer -R media rather than +R except for Taiyo Yuden 8x +R’s (burns at 16x with an average in the 11’s)



A 8x burn should take about 9:30 mins. So you can check if the burning speed is correct.


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Feed your drive with propper DVD media and you will be able to exhaust full potencial out of your 3500 drive. :cool:


TY+R rock with the 3500. :iagree:


How about the TY 8X-R on 3500?Anyone try it yet?


8x is the max. A burn starts off slow, and should peak around 8X, so the average of 6.5, as mentioned above, is fine.


Thanks for the replies…thought mine wasn’t doing it’s job!


Strange… :confused:
What do you mean with “…thought mine wasn’t doing it’s job!” ?

Create a “DataDisc” in Nero CD/DVD Speed (F9) and post us a pic as I have done in my above post. :wink:



The Taiyo Yuden 8x -R’s burn at 12x with the average in the 8’s-



I did the data disk. I’m trying to upload the pic, but it says not a valid image. I changed it to a jpg and still same message.


Thanks.I tested the TY8x-R and it came up 12x but it took 20 minutes with original 2.16 firmwware.I’m a newbie with all this and waiting for my friend to help me with the firmware upgrade.The wait time is driving me nuts.


Can anyone help me here? I have bought Arita 8x (Ritek/Ricoh I believe). I flashed my drive with the 2.18 SE and still Nero only gives the options 2.4x and 4x. But no 8x :a . I can burn my Arita’s 4x SE at 8x tough… Anyone ideas? :iagree: :iagree: :iagree:


I agree.

Mine starts at 4.1X; after 20% burnt, it jumps to 6.2X; after 50%, 8.3X. I use RitekG05 8X DVD-R.

To TFX2005: forget nero tools. Only useful for device info and scan disc.


To p200002 Should I use different burning software? Hand over a link plz :smiley: TIA


Nero is a great burning program… I prefer the sony 8x dvd-r’s over the tyo yuden… sony08d1 get great burns in the nec 3500 at 16x and around 5:45 for the time…


To TFX2005: to rephrase,

The result I got was from DVD Decrypter burning iso image. Nero Burning ROM always burns at 8X for my RiTekG05 -R 8X.

  • Nero Bruning ROM and InCD are my favourite.
  • Nero Info Tool is useful for “info” only.
  • Nero Drive Speed is crap, show max DVD speed 6X!
  • Nero CD/DVD Speed is useful only when you use it to scan disc.


I’ve been burning 8x media (khypermedia, Maxell, Imation, HP whatever Officemax has on sale) on my K-Hypermedia 8x+r. It burns a full 4.7 movie in 6:40. I just “upgraded” to a 3500 and it burns same movie same media (tried K-Hyp, Imation, HP) and it burns it at 10:30. Both say burning at 8x. I have 2.16 firmware, ried 2.18 but it was just as slow and didn’t release the rip lock. Wonder when K-Hypermedia is going to make a 16X, I’ll throw this 3500 in the trash and buy it.



how bout the 8x TY +R’s?


YUDEN000 T02 burn sweet :smiley: