Poor video quality on DVD Player after Nero7 burn

I used Nero7 to take an MPG(originally it was a Tivo file, edited the commercials out and then saved it as an MPG) and burn it to DVD. It was a part of PetitLeMans auto race, the burn worked and I can watch it on my home theater system. However, when lots of things going on(i.e.- multitude of cars on course or camera moving quickly) the object being focused on is blurry… in most cases its the cars. However when someone talks or for static shots of cars as the camera pans over a static car… its perfectly clear. I used Verbatim 16x DVD+R for the burn, I forget off the top of my head the DVD burner used in my box and it was played on a Panasonic Home Theater system. I can’t remember what I set the burn speed, think I went default. What tweaks can I do to make the video perfect at anytime, not just when not much happening.

Do you know what type of quality settings the original or burned video has? You should be able to right click on the file and get some information about it, as far as bit rate and such.