Poor video capture quality.Any help?

I have an AVER TV Go 007 FM Plus TV card installed on an ASUS P5L-MX mainboard.The graphics card (which is on board) is an Intel 82945G Express Chipset.The processor is an Intel P4 3.00 GHz.
The problem is that although TV quality is good, there seems to be a slight “delay” in action scenes or in scenes in dark places.
When connecting the Playstation 2,there also seems to be a “delay”,something tiring for the eye.Moreover,when capturing VHS tapes from my VCR,the picture isn’t entirely “clear”.There is a texture of some kind and the outcome (as MPEG 2) shows over-vivid colours.
Is it the processor (Aren’t 3.00 GHz enough?)?
Is it the graphics card?
I would appreciate any help.
Thank you for reading this.

Sounds like mostly the card is just not a good quality capture card. Many such devices, that capture in MPEG, have quality issues. Do you have options for the capture format? AVI, MPEG2 and MPEG1 being the typical options. MPEG1 would be the lowest quality, AVI the highest.