Poor Verbatim (CMC made MCC004) 16x DVD+R Burn @8x

I am using the DW1650 BCFC sb=off and wopc=off for this burn. I have had decent (but not great) results with the default (sb=off, wopc=on) and by turning on sb with this batch, thought I’d experiment a little and got poor results. Any ideas what might be happening here? The media visually looks good. Appears jitter goes up to a point then lots of errors appear. Could something like this be due to software interrupting the burn or the monitor going into sleep mode? Perhaps the computer was bumped during the burn?

The disc plays fine, by the way.

It’s not clear to me whether you have SolidBurn enabled or disabled for this burn?

In any case I think it’s probably best to burn with WOPC enabled (on) for this media.

Maybe you have a solidburn strategy for a different production site.
I mean you have it optimised for MBIL earlier and your now feeding it CMC.
I allways clean my strategies for new batches of media when there from a different place just to be safe.

To answer the questions, for the above poor-ass burn sb=off and wopc=off. This was also my first batch of MCC004, so there was no previous MCC data to Solidburn, but that was beside the point on this particular burn, as everything was off.

Anyway, why in the world is it saying the Quality=95? These are bad looking numbers, aren’t they?

This question pops up all the time. The “Quality Score” in CDSpeed is calculated using only the peak PIF value, the ECC sample length (typically 8 ECC or 1 ECC) and POF for those drives that can report it.

The Quality Score doesn’t take PIE or Jitter into consideration at all, nor does it consider the total amount of PIF.

What burning speed? :wink:
How does it look with WOPC [I]enabled[/I]? Could you post a scan? I’m curious to see what you call “decent but not great”, as everyone has different criterias…

These are the results I am getting with 4 disc types, sb=off, wopc=on. The Verbatim 16x MCC004 I am having to burn at 8x, I am getting even POs at 12x. Unfortunately I didn’t keep my 12x burn and don’t want to risk wasting another disk. The RICOHJPN are 8x burned at 8x, these are the Arita from newegg. The TY are also 8x burned at 8x, silver shiny lacquer from neato.com. Finally, the Maxell +RW is 4x burned at 4x.

What I have found so far then, is that wopc=on is needed to get a good burn from this batch of MIT Verbatim (CMC), but that is based on just one burn.

The Arita is here:

Looks like your batch of Verbs is not top-notch, then. :frowning: - never seen so high PIF numbers figures with MCC004 before, unless fake.
Did you check if these are genuine? (Stampercode starting with “ZD”)
Did you try BCDC or BCIC with your Benq?
Have you tried SB=ON with these MCC004? With somewhat marginal discs, this can definitly help. :iagree:

These were purchased from newegg when they had the 100 pack for $18 after rebate, a month or so back. They are ZD coded.

Yes, I have tried with sb=on and off with wopc=on and I am getting consistent results to the above.

I was thinking of upgrading to BCIC, the BCFC came oem.

OK, here is a burn with BCIC. The firmware cleared up QSuite and reset to the default sb=off wopc=on. I am going to turn on sb for future use, but my previous results showed no improvement.