Poor tuner on 5005



Is the tuner on the 5005 as bad for everybody? The sound is so poor it’s almost unusable,like its being played too loud and distorted.Turning the volume down still leaves the sound distorted as if someones holding a microphone too close to their mouth. The scart and av front inputs(using the tuner from a cheapo video recorder)work great. Surely Liteon could have come up with a decent tuner. sometimes,when you’re trying to do 3 things.like vcr one program,watch cable and recording from the liteon,it’d be handy to just be able to use the r.f.input.I did pay for that after all. I’ve heard the same comment from one other person The 5005 is a great machine and I dont want to go through the hassle of changing it if its an common fault and
a new ones going to do the same.


It’s all the machines. It’s a mono tuner. Some folks have the volume problem etc. Use your vcr tuner.


True mono tunner but from two different manufactures one Philips and the other Jinix

you can tell if the box labeled the channels found e.g. BBC1 , ITV

the tunner board inside some (if your rf inputs are horizontal ) say LVW5006 ?

having said that a mono telly has a mono tunner yet has none of the problems ?


Strange… I’ve got an Aussie 5005 & I use it to record Sci-Fi programmes that are on too late for me ( Curses on you channel 7 !!! ) & have no probs with sound… & I record on LP mode ! I also haven’t noticed any colour problems with black going to green like some others have. I’m wondering if it’s a problem assosciated with these units & NTSC ( stands for " Never The Same Colour " lol ) as my systems PAL ?