Poor rip quality

I want to be able to rip DVDs to my HDD and im using freeware Free DVD Ripper it takes several hours to rip Lord of the Rings and the video quality is poor and audio is out of sync can anyone suggest a better FREEWARE ripper or do i need to remaster it or anything. New to this kind of thing and just cracked and burned 2 DVDs with perfect results using DVD Decrypter,DVD Shrink,Star Burning software now i want to store movie quality AVIs on my HDD for viewing or future projects. Any help is appreciated

The only free decryption program that is still being updated regularly to deal with new protection schemes as they come out is DVDFab HD Decrypter. It is the free section of DVDFab and will continue to function even after the 30 day trial of the main program expires. http://www.dvdfab.com/free.htm

DVDDecrypter and DVDShrink will work fine for any dvd that has simple CSS encryption, but for many newer movies you should use DVDFab HD Decrypter. You can then reduce the size of the movie with DVDShrink to fit a blank dvdr disk.

For conversion to avi or mpeg4, you should look at AutoGK, Xvid4PSP, or Handbrake. Fair Use Wizard will also work for this but you need to rip to ISO files to use that program and the free version is limited to 700mb output size. There are many other options, and you can find them by looking through the conversion programs listed at www.videohelp.com

As well as the great advice above & as you already have Dvd Decrypter/Dvd Shrink, RipIt4Me should have no problem ripping Lord of the Rings. It is not updated anymore, so it might not work on some newer movies, but it is still a valuable tool to have.

Thanks for the info guys I successfully utilized those utilities and made my first AVI in high quality from the DVD much appreciated. However each folder is adding up to about 7 GB per folder which is a major ouch. I guess DVD shrink can remedy this but thanks for all the help I’m satisfied and loving it.

Yo Blaircroft-

Most DVD movies range from 4 to 8 gb - so your files are going to be big - unless you save them to a temporary file then shrink and write them to DVD and erase the file AFTER you have proven you have a good DVD copy-eh!!

yea it seems so however i did a comparison and the DVD shrink is producing a much smaller file as the DVDFab and the resulting AVI is still amounting to 1.36 Gb either way which im using AutoGK for . Ive seen much smaller conversions on 2 hour movies like Star Wars so i thought i fowled up somewere in the cycle.