Poor results with 20A1S

As you can see from my posts here http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=209975 I’ve not had much luck with this 20A1S so far. The only half decent scans are of discs burnt with my (now dead) NEC3500AG. I’ve only got Infiniti MCC02RG20 -R and YUDEN000T03 +R discs at the moment, so I can’t see what results I’d get with Verbatims (which is what I usually buy).

I got my brother a 18A1P a few months ago and he’s not been getting great burns either and one of the reasons why I bought the 20A1S was that my having a similar drive might be useful in finding out what discs/settings these Liteon drives work best with. So if anyone’s got any suggestions I’d be grateful (I guess updating my firmware will be the first one, although I’m skeptical as to whether that will make much difference). I’m still able to exchange my drive for another make but it’s too late for my brother.

I found that verbatim 16x +r gives me excellent burns @12x with this sata drive, I use to only use ty 16x +r’s with my other litey 20x and could burn them @ 20x’s with good results, but for some reason this sata drive (at least mine) gives me bad burns at any burning speed,…where as the verbatims work fine, so I no longer use ty’s (03’s).
Also my sata drive hates -r disk’s of any brand.
try verb’s @12x’s you will like the results.
firmware ver. 9L05 FB_EOS

Thanks for the tip. I’ll definitely get Verb +R’s when I next order. I’d appreciate it if you could let me know the MID of the discs you’ve got.

I get my disks at meritline.
I use hub printable verbs 16x +R’s almost all the time, however the plain ones give even a better burn result, I think it’s because the printables have more jitter from the ink jet layer.

here is my last burn at 12x’s

the MID is MCC 004 000 (00h)
manf. verb
made in Taiwan

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Ink layer on disc has for sure nothing to do with jitter as we learned to know it.
Wanna understand jitter, download this.

Great 12x burn btw. :clap:

Great 12X burn but was it done with just the drive & the 9L07 as stock, no SmartBurn, FB, EOS, etc?

Thanks for the info. My supplier’s (www.svp.co.uk) non-printable verb 16x +R’s are YUDEN000T03 and their printable’s are MCC 004 so I’ll probably stick with the latter.

Incidentally, here’s a scan of a Infiniti MCC02RG20 -R burnt with FHT and OHT on, which is a vast improvement (QS 95) over my previous burn with both off (QS 77) (sorry for the link but I can’t seem to attach the file as I’ve already posted it in the other thread).