Poor results from MCC 02RG20

Ive burned 2 of these verbatim printable -Rs @4X on my 811s HSOP speedhacked & recomended media tweeks and 1 with HSOK speedhacked & media tweeks.
Although the PIFs are ok i was expecting a lot better PIs, i know the 811s is not the best burner but i get PIs max 42 with Ridisc G05s using G06 stat.
Could it be because their printable and putting the coating on is done by another company?
Another thing is when i put a blank in and my drive it makes a lot of noise when its reading disc structure ie:- loud click followed by a few grrrs grrs not what you would expect from expensive media.

Any comments or possible fixes would be apretiated thanks.

Not sure about your specific drive nor specific media. For me Memorex 4x MCC01RG20 with NEC 2500, Plextor 708, Plextor 712 produce much worse results than you posted using Plextools V2.16 (stock firmware on all drives so far). It will not even work with NEC 3500.

My G04 scans look great also using NEC 3500 and Plextor 712. Hopefully I will have some G05 media soon.

I would like to follow up my previous post by mentioning that after doing several more tests of the MCC01RG02 with a label of Memorex 4x DVD-R, I have found this media to be pretty good. I just had a few coasters, most of my burns have been quite good. Please see the DVD Media tests forum and searching for MCC, my results have been consistent with what was posted there for the NEC-2500.

Although the attachments are not typical, I felt like posting them just in case. The media was burned using NEC ND-2500A with stock firmware, I believe was 1.05, although I do not have the drive hooked up right now. The testing was done using Plextor PX-712A with stock firmware 1.05 and Plextools Pro V2.16 .

I used the ‘middle accurracy’ for speed and ‘burst’ for a bit more information. Any suggestions would be appreciated.