Poor reader

I’ve got both the 24x and 40x liteon writers
but find that the 24x is faster for reading
subs and also vcd’s :confused:

anybody else got this prob or is it normal .

i have never actually noticed…ill try it now.
btw which drives are we taking (and f/w s)

i got a 24102b (5s54) and 40125s (ZS0A)

So how much faster is the 24x? 1 sec, 3 minutes…?

What proggie are you using to read? And what are you reading? And what protection is on the disk being read?

I have found that CCD4 reads SLOWER when you choose Max verses when you choose 48X.

This is on my 40125S with ZG0A.
Even slower with the ZG0G – and I KNOW it’s a Clone CD issue as my other progs (CDMate, BlindWrte) do NOT slow down with firmware change.

The ZG0G was a full minute+ slower than the ZG0A on the read with CCD4 and only CCD4 with the 48x read. When set to MAX read, it was 3+ minutes slower (in the 10-11 minute range.) Other considerations in CCD4 is to make sure you have audio extraction set to bad(fastest) or this will slow you down as well. Again this is on SD2 disk reads.

CCD4 fastest read in 6:58 on the Lite-on 40125S with ZG0A using a 48x/48x/bad(fastest) setting on a SD2 disk. With the ZS0G, the fastest is 7:58 with exactly same settings. Thus CCD4 has problems with p-cav as nothing else has changed–as my other programs read at same or slighlty better speed.

FYI: Blindwrite BY FAR is the fastest reader of any program with reagard to SD2–by like 2 minutes faster (4 mins and some change). That Putin Couffin layer is licky-split with SD2, and makes perfect copies. Having said that, I am slowly finding myself using Blindwrite more and more for my backups. But, put under a gun, I still would choose CCD4–more for familiarity sake than anything else.

I’m using ccd and
24102b f/w 5s54 and 40125s f/w zsoa

I found that when ripping a psx game of about 56min
using sub data & sub audio the 24x was a full minute faster
(2min 8sec) as apposed to (3min 8sec)
though they both really struggle with some games unlike
my toshiba witch just rips through them

With a vcd of around 43min the 24x rips it in 2min 10sec
20 sec faster.
Funny thing is though since I first posted I swapped around my
ide devices and made the 40125s sec master , after this they
both ripped psx at about the same time
but the 24102b was still faster on vcd’s. Strange when the 40x
is supposed to be the faster reader of the two.

BTW Have any of you tried the liteon ltd163 (think thats what its called) for ripping psx ? I’m trying to get something as good as the toshiba for games thats fast at ripping vcd as well.